Sunday Morning (New) Music – Let’s Get Spiritualized And Sing Songs In A & E!!!

I am a bit embarassed to admit how I discovered this band… but if nothing else, I am totally honest in this blog and so I shall reveal my sources…

I guess if push comes to shove I am not really THAT embarrassed… After all, I am a red-blooded American male… and while I do think that certain magazines and sites objectify women, I do also find at times I fall victim to their charms.  Sorry… I am so far from perfect it is not even funny.  But I’m trying…

So yes, Esquire on line has a feature called Me In My Place… and in one particular segment the song “Hey Jane” by Spiritualized was playing.  Give me some props for further pursuing the band and not more pics of the girl!!!  I know my priorities!!!

Spiritualized – Songs In A & E

From AllMusic:

“Formed from the ashes of the trance-rockers Spacemen 3, singer/guitarist Jason Pierce’s group Spiritualized did not break away from his prior band’s trademark hypnotic minimalism; instead, they perfected it. Drawing on the continued influence of the Velvet Underground, La Monte Young, and Steve Reich, Spiritualized staked out a common ground between minimalism and lush symphonics — while powered by simple, repetitious motifs, their songs simultaneously blossomed into rich, shimmering sonic panoramas inspired by the majestic studio wizardry of Phil Spector and Brian Wilson.”

His brand new one, Sweet Heart Sweet Light, the one that features “Hey Jane” comes out this Tuesday on Fat Possum… Looking forward to that for sure… but in the meantime this one gets raves from AllMusic and for me is really a find.

“Pierce nearly died from double pneumonia. Near death experiences by their very nature are life-changing events. The music on Songs in A&E were recorded in that aftermath, but most of the album was written two years before he got sick; with so much of it about near death and survival, it feels like life imitating art.”

Until I moved out to LA and happened upon KCRW I never gave electronic, space, dream or ambient music much of a listen, and while I would certainly characterize this more as an alternative record that happens to feature those other genres as elements… I probably would have missed something like this back in the day.

I am so glad I have grown, as gems like this are so worthwhile.

“Sweet Talk” is orchestral and glorious… a lifting number.

“Death Take Your Fiddle” is a surreal piece that reminds me of Nick Drake… A few of these songs have a wayward, Western feel to them… folksy…

“Baby I’m Just A Fool” has a brightness to it and I dig the lyrics…

“So easy to hold your hand, so hard to let it show
You’re so fucking self-assured, I’d rather let you down than let you go
There ain’t nowhere you have been that I need to go
There ain’t nothing you can learn that I need to know

Baby I’m just a man, but I’ve got the dreams of gods and kings
Well I can’t hold my thoughts, my mind is full of a thousand different things
I get some blood inside and I can’t even see the stuff, it’s clear
Hell, it should be easy but I’ve got the heart of men of fear”

A song like “Waves Crash In” is at times theatrical or even operatic and always, simply lush.

This is a really interesting record and one that I am quite enjoying.  Do check it out.


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