It’s Saturday, So Stop And Smell The Stone Roses

The rumors are true… this summer they are back…

One of the UK’s most famous alternative rock bands will be playing in their hometown of Manchester this summer…  I read about it in an e-mail from The Vaccines, who will be opening the shows… Now THAT would be worth a trip!

They are also promising a third record… which is so odd in itself… the fact that this band was a two and out.  This is the stuff that legends are made up of… at least regarding their first record and the status it now holds.  I do not want to say they were a cult band, as their success is pretty mainstream, but there is something kind of mystical about them.

They were one of the pioneering groups of the Madchester movement that was active during the late 1980s and early 1990s.”

“The music that emerged from the scene mixed alternative rock, psychedelic rock and dance music” and included such bands as New OrderHappy Mondays, The Charlatans and The Fall.

They released their self-titled debut in 1989… It was a huge breakthrough and is now considered  “one of the great British albums.”

“At this time the Stone Roses decided to capitalise on their success by signing to a major label; their current record label Silvertone would not let them out of their contract, which led to a long legal battle that culminated with the band signing with Geffen Records in 1991, and then releasing their second album Second Coming in 1994.”

“Second Coming received a mixed reception from the British press, which music journalist Simon Reynolds attributed to “the resentment that the Roses, divorced from the cultural moment that gave them meaning, were now just another band”.

Shortly after this, they were done.

The Stone Roses – The Stone Roses

There is the regular version that was remastered… the 2-Disc Legacy Edition and the 3-Disc Collector’s Edition… We’ll focus on the initial but remastered release…

AllMusic describes them as “meshing ’60s-styled guitar pop with an understated ’80s dance beat.”  It is a catchy and hard-to-resist combination!

I love placing bands in timelines, so I can see who influenced them… New Order, The Clash, The Smiths, The Sex Pistols and Roxy Music to name a few…

And who they influenced… The Charlatans UK, The Boo Radleys, Suede, Blur, Oasis, The Verve and Travis… to name a few more.

The bands on both lists are amongst some of my favorite listening… Probably why I dug The Stone Roses the first time I heard them… which  was about 10 years ago, I think.

This really is one of those rare, perfect albums that does not disappoint from track to track to track… song to song to song.

It is so, so good!!!

So enjoy your Saturday and may you have a rockin’ weekend, gardening and tending the Stone Roses…


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