Next Year In Coachella – Dreams Of The Festival And Wishing On A Mazzy Star

Sigh… Another year, and another year of me NOT going to Coachella.  After the apparent zaniness last year that seemed like a good thing… Sounds like they oversold tickets, crammed people in, even in the VIP, and did not know how to reign the drunk and obnoxious folks in…

This year it is over two weekends, they sold fewer tickets, and it seems like they are well on top of things.  Well… I think at Coachella a lot of folks are on top of things… Thank you, I’ll be here all week… Don’t try the veal.

So at the Seder we say “next year in Jerusalem”, which I hope is a reality, too… I still cannot believe I have never been…

But I am also putting the New Orleans Jazz Festival and Coachella on this list… And this is not a desperate clinging to my youth, but a real and genuine desire to go to some great music festivals… I guess we can add Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza and Leeds to the ‘ol music bucket list, too!

The lineup is crazy good, and as I was reading the lists of bands I realized there are so many I have never listened to…  Thus…

Mazzy Star – So Tonight That I Might See

This is no Five Hour Energy drink… that bullshit concoction that is supposed to rile you up and get you through the day.  This is music to sit back and recline with… appropriate for this week of Passover…

So lean back, shove a pillow under your butt, kick your feet up, fully recline and relax with this mellow, trippy local band formed in Santa Monica, CA back in 1989.

AllMusic compares them to The Dream Syndicate (don’t really know them), American Music Club (a somewhat recent discovery and joy), Cowboy Junkies (who I could never get into and who give me the same odd, eerie reaction I get with Jethro Tull… I know what happened to me in a dream or past life, right???), Blue Rodeo (fantastic alt, country Canadian band), Liz Phair (vocal wise, I guess… and who does NOT have a crush on Liz Phair???) and The Jesus And Mary Chain (dig ’em of course).

I guess the first track, “Fade Into You”, was their most successful “hit” and got them on MTV, VH1 and that little thing called the radio.

I love her voice on this one and the soothing, rock me to sleep or meditation steel guitar.

AllMusic says:

“If psychedelic music had a voice in ’90s post-punk, Mazzy Star may have been its strongest reincarnation. That doesn’t necessarily mean that fans of the Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead will find the band to their liking, however. Mazzy Star much prefered the dark side of psychedelia, as exemplified by the most distended tracks of the Doors and the Velvet Underground.”

Hell yeah… “Mary Of Silence” is a total Doors trip!  If she is not channeling Jim Morrison she needs to check the remote!

I really dig “Blue Light” and “Into Dust”… those are my favorite tracks for sure.  They definitely take me off the farm and onto another plane…

So Tonight That I Might See” makes me think of Madonna if she was signing while completely stoned…

The track “Wasted” kind of sums things up, although ironically it is perhaps the most kicking and certainly bluesy track on the album…

I am still feeling this band out and will keep listening to see how it grabs me, but as far as something to just kick it cool with… I am down!



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4 responses to “Next Year In Coachella – Dreams Of The Festival And Wishing On A Mazzy Star

  1. My someday list includes SXSW and the Newport/Monterey Jazz Festivals. And I too will always crush on Liz Phair. Putting her down because she only did one good album (Exile From Guyville) is like putting down Harper Lee. (Actually, Whip Smart and WhitechocolateSpaceEgg are pretty good)

    • marcsmuse

      Okay… how could I forget SXSW or the Newport and Monterey Fests… Sheesh… Added to the list again… of course…

  2. My list also includes New Orleans, Newport and Monterey Jazz Festivals. I did get to the Vancouver Jazz Fest a few years ago. Coachella would be fun too. Alas…

    • marcsmuse

      Okay… how could I forget SXSW or the Newport and Monterey Fests… Sheesh… Added to the list again… of course… We should organize an All Bruce Fest.

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