Sunday Morning Music -A Soundtrack For Mike Wallace: Dance With Wolves

There is only one reason this work of genius from a true genius was not included in the Movie Soundtrack Week… and that is because I was looking for soundtracks that were collections of songs and not scores.

John Barry was a legend.  He passed away only a year ago… but his compositions will more than stand the test of time… They will inspire and motivate, as long as there is film and music.

Mike Wallace was cut from the same cloth… a newsman back when news was news, and not simply entertainment or a device to sell commercials.  He went in the trenches, asked the hard questions and battled with the best of them.  He was a classy, dignified man and will be missed.  They both will be… and are.

Barry’s resume is remarkable… Five Academy Awards… and the music to some of my favorite films… like 12 James Bond soundtracks… and oh yeah, the title theme for the main and end titles on Dr. No… Just that little piece.

He also scored Midnight CowboyOut of Africa, Somewhere in Time (some of the most romantic music ever), The Lion In Winter (One of my most beloved films… I’m getting there, Patrick), King Kong and Robin and Marian… and when I say this is a partial list… I mean this is a PARTIAL LIST!!!

Say what you will about Kevin Costner… He was so good in Silverado, Bull Durham and this one… but this 1990 film was brilliantly directed and won seven Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Original Score.

The music is breathtakingly beautiful and while “The John Dunbar Theme” is probably the most instantly recognizable, for me “Two Socks/The Wolf Theme” and “The Buffalo Robe” are two of the most stunning pieces I have ever heard.

It’s a bit sad that so many composers who work in film and TV are dismissed in the world of classical music.  I would put some of John Barry’s pieces up with the best of them… Magnificent… utterly magnificent…

So on this Easter Sunday and the continuing holiday of Passover, I wish you all peace and joy, and share with you some of the most beautiful music to enjoy.  Let it soothe your soul and make your journey easy.  Ride strong and ride long and always dance with the wolf.

And thank you Mike Wallace for overcoming so much in your life and making our lives more informed and more educated.



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2 responses to “Sunday Morning Music -A Soundtrack For Mike Wallace: Dance With Wolves

  1. tuned into 60 Minutes to see what might be said. Morley made some brief remarks at the top and said next week would be an extended edition of the show to honor Mike Wallace. Appointment television.

  2. One tasty little Barry segment from Goldfinger. In this era film composers like Mancini, Previn and Barry introduced jazz and swing elements into films to a degree not previously heard. This transition scene (with great helicopter panoramic shots and editing) has really ballsy swing elements. I want to know who does the sax solo!

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