Hey Cinderella, If The Slipper Fits… That Means It’s Been A Long Cold Winter

Here’s to Jim Marshall who passed away today at 88.  Whenever you see that huge ass stack of Marshall amps, thank “The Father of Loud”!

Here’s to Todd Rundgren for putting on one hell of a show last night, even though he was really sick.  He played for over two hours, was funny as hell and even though his voice was shot, gave it his remarkable all.  The encores totally did him in and he still has one more show to go…

Here’s to 100.3 The Sound for sending me… Thanks again, Chris!!!  And thanks to Michelle, Jimmy, Brad and Beverly for hanging… and here’s to Rock n’ Roll for being… well… Rock n’ Roll!

Today is all about the rock… nice, hard rock… I promised Michelle I’d give this one a listen, so here I go and here it is!

Wow, here is another one for you Michelle!!!

Cinderella – Long Cold Winter

Of course I had heard of this band back in the day… but y’all know by now I was not as much of a Metal head as I should have or could have been.  If I had only known, ladies… If I had only known…

AllMusic says “Long Cold Winter is a transition album for Cinderella, mixing pop-metal tunes with better hooks than those on Night Songs with a newfound penchant for gritty blues-rock à la the Stones or Aerosmith. The ballads — the grandiose “Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)” and the excellent, lower-key “Coming Home” — are what made the album Cinderella’s most commercially successful…”

I love the opener “Bad Seamstress Blues/Fallin’ Apart At The Seams”.  Hell, I love anything with a harmonica and a blues sound.  Michelle and I were just talking about blues last night, as a matter of fact… and we decided that The Sound needs a blues hour.

When Tom Keifer really kicks it in, it is hard not to think he is channeling AC/DC.  But when one thinks of ’80s Metal or Hard Rock, that band immediately jumps to mind… as does Guns N’ Roses, Warrant, early Bon Jovi, Poison, Whitesnake, Def Leppard and Scorpions.

The boys are from Philly… seems to be a theme as of late… and have been rocking it since 1983.  Hell, it was Jon Bon Jovi who saw them in a club and gave his record company a heads up.  Mercury signed them and released their debut, Night Songs, in 1986!

Second track is “Gypsy Road”… digging on that, too.  AllMusic and I agree about the ballads mentioned above… both great.

Lovin’ on “The Last Mile”… the title track “Long Cold Winter” smolders…

Who woulda thunk it… I’m becoming a Metal Head/Hard Rocker in my old age!

’80s rock is dead they say… Long live Rock!

If you could see me… I’m flashing…

The heavy metal horns… Come on people… eyes up here… out of the gutter!


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