Movie Soundtrack Week: A Sunny Sunday For Singles In Their 90s

So here we are at the end of a lovely week.  There was no way I was going to get to everything I wanted to, and certainly not everything that was suggested… Sorry.  Just so you know I love all of you, here is the list I compiled thanks to you crazy kids… The ones in bold were the ones I did or put to the top of the list…

Against All Odds (Sue)… Yes, Larry Carlton is amazing and this is a great, romantic soundtrack.  I’ll get to it.

American Graffiti

Animal House… One of my favorite movies of all time… First R Rated movie I ever saw… and I went with my Dad!!!

The Big Chill (Denise/Marcelle/Tati)

The Big Easy (Steve R)

The Big Lebowski (Tati)… Great, great , great flick… and fun music…

Bottleshock (Sue)… Love this sleeper of a movie… Do not recall the music… Need to revisit it.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (Patrick)… a gorgeous mix of vocals and instrumentals..and a whole lot of “Moon River”. So wonderful.

The Breakfast Club

The Commitments (Marcelle)… I love this movie… and the R&B covers are top-notch!!!  Will get to this one, soon!!!

Crazy Heart (Sue)… Loved the movie and the soundtrack KICKS ASS.

Dazed and Confused (Michelle)

Footloose (Hannah)

Forrest Gump (Sue)

Garden State… Yes I am from New Jersey but I love this for other reasons… like all the amazing music.

Goldfinger (Patrick)… Yes, John Barry is the man…

Grease (Tati/Michelle)… The only reason I did not pick this… yet… was because it was a Broadway show first and I was trying to be a purist…

High Fidelity… of course I will do this one soon, too… since I have been talking about it so much…       

Honeysuckle Rose (Mark L)… Okay, I now had to admit I have NEVER seen this movie… so watching it soon and then will do the monster (26 tracks) soundtrack, too!

The Lion King (Sue)

That Thing You Do (Mark G)

Mary Poppins

O Brother Where Art Thou? (Sue)… We already knew that T Bone was amazing… This just solidified it… AGAIN!

Pulp Fiction (Denise)… Hey, I was in this film… If you watch the Jack Rabbit Slim’s scene I am sitting behind Marilyn Monroe when he skirt blows up… Pause and freeze frame baby!  This is a great, eclectic collection!

Purple Rain


Reservoir Dogs (Chris S)… Good soundtrack, and not just for Stealer’s Wheel.

RushmoreWes Anderson is another director with impeccable musical tastes and the ability to find great “lost” songs and break them back out.

Saturday Night Fever (Hannah/Lynn/Tati/Sue/Michelle/Denise/Denise)

Singles (Jason)

St. Elmo’s Fire (Hannah)… Yup, another ’80s classic.

Valley Girl (Eric C)… Sorry again, E… I love both the movie and the music…

Movie Scores

Cinema Paradiso

Dances With Wolves (Sue/Patrick)… Some of the most gorgeous music ever… EVER!

The Lion In Winter (Patrick)… The movie is one of my favorites… Now I need to go back and pay better attention to the music.

Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Silverado… I’ve already fawned over this one…

Somewhere In Time… Pretty darn romantic…

Star Wars

So… Keep sending me your ideas… We’ll get to them all at some point!  This one comes from Jason… but not his boom box…

Welcome to the 90s!!!

Singles (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

This is a sneaky good choice… I love Cameron Crowe, of course… and was actually thinking of the amazing Almost Famous, or the more esoteric Elizabethtown… but this one grabs both a place and a time so brilliantly.

Welcome to Seattle in the early 1990s!

The film came out in 1992 and starred Bridget Fonda, Kyra Sedgwick, Campbell Scott, Sheila Kelley, Matt Dillon and my personal fave, NU grad and major talent Jim True (now Jim True-Frost).

There are also cameos by Victor Garber, Paul Giamatti, Jeremy Piven, Eric Stoltz, Tim Burton and Cameron Crowe.

Singles rode on the heels of Seattle’s grunge music boom. The success of and buzz around the film’s soundtrack largely eclipsed the film itself, which was neither as commercially nor as critically successful as either Crowe’s previous film, 1989’s Say Anything… or his next film, 1996’s Jerry Maguire.”  How fricking good are both of those films???  I so love Cameron Crowe!

“Nevertheless, Singles has been credited with inspiring a wave of films marketed towards a Generation X audience, spawning numerous imitators (most notably Reality Bites and Threesome).”

Okay, here is something I did NOT know… “Warner Bros. Television tried immediately to turn Singles into a television series. When Crowe balked at the notion, the company proceeded with the idea, engaged a new writing and directing team, changing elements and the name to Friends, which ran successfully on NBC from 1994-2004.”  That is kind of crazy!

Cameron Crowe’s grasp on music is always evidenced in his meticulous soundtrack creations… always spot on and always a joy.  This movie and soundtrack served as a great introduction for me to a whole new scene… Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Chris Cornell… Paul Westerberg (The Replacements) has two songs here AND did the score.  Chicago’s The Smashing Pumpkins provides the great closer “Drown”… and in the middle is a great sounding band called The Lovemongers… they sound so much like Heart… Oh wait… that’s because it’s the fabulous Ann and Nancy Wilson.  Nancy was married to Cameron for 24 years until 2010 Sad… But damn that is a lot of talent!

So here we are… having travelled from the 50s to the 90s in the span of a week… And like I said, there will be more to come… sprinkled about in the next month or so.

Enjoy your Sunday with a little Grunge!


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