Bring Me The Head of Diego Garcia… Or At Least His Gorgeous Album Laura

The actual title of the Sam Peckinpah film is Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia, but I was attempting to be clever.  I can be clever!!!

Diego Garcia – Laura

Okay, this goes out to a friend of a friend, in thanks for her being such a good friend and taking such wonderful care of her!  Makes sense?  Okay, I’ll make it easy… Laura is for Laura.

I cannot tell you how much I love this album.

“You Were Never There” could totally be a George Harrison song.  This is my absolute favorite track off the record.

“Roses And Wine” (How did I miss this live show???) is a sultry, sexy little number filled with romance and confusion.  It could get a guy in trouble… the right kind of trouble, for sure!

You will hear a little Liam Finn (son of Neil Finn), a little Ray LaMontagne (without that huskiness) and a whole lot of Diego.

Diego was the frontman for Elefant, a band who fits nicely into that post-punk music I dig.  The band lasted from about 2003-2010 and put out some great music.  This album is drastically different!

“As the frontman of Elefant, he played a small role in the indie rock scene that swept through New York City during the new millennium, sharing the spotlight with similar groups like Longwave and Stellastar.”

Do not know either of those bands… so Spotify here I come… and there they both are.  Cool.

Since I am still down and somewhat out… I am relying on the kindness of strangers.  Well… I am relying on the great site AllMusic.  I rely on them and Wikipedia for a lot of information… Both good go-to sources.

“Garcia moved ahead with his solo career, exploring his Latin roots with a new sound modeled after artists like Julio Iglesias and Roberto Carlos. He signed with Nacional Records toward the end of the year and released his solo debut, Laura, in 2011.”

They go on to say that “Laura, is a gorgeously crafted and ceaselessly melodic mix of soft-focus ’60s and ’70s-influenced pop. Where his former band Elefant (who broke up in 2010) favored a kind of ’80s-influenced post-punk revivalism, Garcia is clearly enamored with the symphonic echo-chamber sound of such artists as Harry Nilsson, Donovan, Nick Garrie, and others. These are largely acoustic guitar-driven songs, centered around Garcia’s burnished, yearning baritone vocals and often layered simply with sweet cello lines, liberal vocal harmonies, hand percussion, and other organic instrumentation… Elsewhere, Garcia infuses his songs with a spaghetti Western/Spanish guitar vibe, as on such slow-burn earworms as “Separate Lives” and the yearning ballad “Stay.” Ultimately, Garcia’s Laura, much like the sensual, lightly flamenco-inflected ballad “All Eyes on You” that closes out the album, is a roiling fever-dream caravan that simmers in your head long after it’s passed.”

The title track “Laura” is this lush, seductive, retro-sounding song that I could almost hear David Cassidy sing… almost.  I do not say that as a joke… With a little more poppy brightness to it, he or the late Davy Jones would have knocked it out of the park!

This is a damn good record… suitable for a long car ride, a romantic interlude or a lazy afternoon in a hammock for two.  I hope you enjoy it.

And I love Longwave by the way!!!  Love them.  Will give Stellastar a listen later.



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2 responses to “Bring Me The Head of Diego Garcia… Or At Least His Gorgeous Album Laura

  1. Laura

    Thank you kindly Marc-just so long as you are not calling me an “elefant”, I’m good! xoxo

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