Light It Up For The Doobie Brothers And Michael Hossack – And Lay Off The Musicians For A While, Will ‘Ya?

Another band I cannot believe I have not yet done on the Muse… Crazy considering how long I have loooooved The Doobie Brothers.

I first heard The Doobie Brothers by singing “Black Water”.  I remember being on a bus and singing it in rounds…  Then I actually HEARD the song.  Wow.  Who were these guys???

I first SAW The Doobie Brothers on an episode of What’s Happening (You can continue the whole classic episode here… Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5).

The last time I saw them was at the Greek Theatre.  They were doing a benefit for drummer Keith Knudsen.  Sadly he passed away in 2005… and now yesterday, drummer Michael Hossack is gone.  This is another band that just goes on and on.  I guess that is just what you do when so many people want to Listen To The Music!

Players would come and go but the mid ’70s boasted what is arguably their most famous line up…

Original members Tom Johnston on guitars, keyboards, harmonica and vocals, John Hartman on drums, percussion and vocals… Patrick Simmons on guitars, banjo, flute and vocals, and then later on Tiran Porter on bass and vocals,  Keith Knudsen on drums, percussion and vocals,  the big personality of Jeff “Skunk” Baxter (former member of Steely Dan) on guitar and vocals and, of course… the voice… Michael McDonald on keys and vocals.  It is a bit mind-blowing to think about the impact that McDonald had on so many major bands… Steely Dan anyone?

The core is still intact with founding and most recognizable members Tom and Patrick, although I did not realize until today that Tom took a 10-year hiatus from 1977-87.  

Managing the Doobie Brothers and other big rock acts also has its advantages as evidenced by the great Bruce Cohn.  His  B.R. Cohn Winery in Glen Ellen not only makes fantastic wines, but also does a lot of charity concerts and benefits… Good folks there!

So there is a whole lot of history… a whole lot about the personnel… but the Doobies are always about the music…

This is a true greatest hits collection… I know every song by heart and am guessing you do, too… but can you play the harmonica solo on “Long Train Runnin'”?  Can you do a mean McDonald impression on the “gives me goose pimples” “Takin’ It To The Streets”?  That’s right, baby!

Heck, with so many great songs they needed to do a Volume 2 of their hits!

Roots rock, swamp rock… whatever you call it, there are not many bands that can so quickly put a smile on my face…

Michael is now the fifth member the band has lost… So for him,  Bobby LaKind, Dave Shogren, Cornelius Bumpus and Keith Knudsen I say thank you… thank you for the music… We are still listening and still “Rockin’ Down The Highway”.


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