The Flu, Codeine And A Whole Lot of VH1 – INXS

What a long strange trip this has been…

First, there was the worst cold I ever had two weeks ago… That knocked me out for 2-3 days straight… When I went back to the gym I could not even finish my regular workout… But I figured I was just on a slow mend.

Then late Friday I started coughing… felt the chest get congested and tight… and by Saturday afternoon… lights out.  Fever… chills so bad I could not even carry a glass of water… eyes would not focus… body aches and all I could do was moan and sleep…

Not sure how long til I’m back to normal but today is a little better… Guess we’re going one day at a time.  Regardless of where I picked this up… getting rid of stress and unhealthy habits are now a priority.  Obviously, there is no way to avoid colds or the flu, but man… eating healthy, exercising, pursuing happiness and getting enough sleep must be the priorities…

So why do I mention all of this?  Because it’s what’s going on, it’s where I’m at and being this sick has my emotions really close to the surface… which means watching VH1 movies on The Temptations, Grunge and Michael Hutchence reverberate even more emotionally… okay, not the one on Grunge.

INXS – Listen Like Thieves

It’s funny, but as much a part of my ’80s soundtrack as this band was, I did not know that much about them.  They were just kind of there for me…

I had seen stories on Michael before… but it hit me really hard today.  Michael’s story was tragic… that of Paula Yates, too.  Rock n’ Roll can give so much, but that excess can also destroy.  The irony of the band’s name is wasted on no one.

Being in the spotlight is already bright enough, but when you are in the public eye, people feel they have the right to know everything and shine and even brighter light on you… It’s too much and such was the case with Michael Hutchence.
But while he was here… he glowed so brightly… illuminating so many.  That came from him.  I know many girls who were in awe, in love, in lust… and now that they are women and he is gone, that love is still so strong when they hear him sing.
Ian McFarlane said “Hutchence was the archetypal rock showman.  He exuded an overtly sexual, macho cool with his flowing locks, and lithe and exuberant stage movements.”  Yeah.  Okay, we all want to be THAT guy.  We do.
Described as New Wave, Pop, Dance and Pub Rock this band has endured and put out a lot of hits… This album is no exception and in 1985 gave us “What You Need” (the brilliant, iconic opener), “Listen Like Thieves”, “Kiss The Dirt” and “This Time”.  The whole album so perfectly creates a place and time for me…
My other standouts are “Good + Bad Times”, “Biting Bullets” and the sexy “One X One”.  Good stuff.
The core of original members are still here, which speaks volumes about endurance… and the strength of brotherhood…
Andrew, Jon and Tim Farris (keys, drums and lead guitar respectively), Garry Gary Beers (on bass… you have to love that name!) and Kirk Pengilly (on sax, guitar and backing vocals).
J.D. Fortune was discovered on the 2005 TV show Rock Star: INXS and lasted til 2011.  And the band goes on!
I do want to leave with you with some lyrics from “One X One”… It is sexy and seductive… but also perhaps a bit prophetic… As we look to the sky, we often hear the angels sing…
“And when your heart stops beating
And the stars stop shining
When all your tears go dry
Honey one by one
I will still be there
I will sing your song
And come to you
Oh oh all night long.”

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