Sunday Morning Music – Reminiscing With The Little River Band

Well… Sunday morning has given way to Sunday afternoon.  Sorry.  The last two days have been kind of hellish… What started off as the worst cold I have ever had a few weeks ago and seemed to be done, has turned into the worst cough I have ever had.  Brutal.  It was so bad I broke down, called the doctor yesterday (was in there two weeks ago) and went on Codine, Mucinex and an anti-biotic… My back is out and my head feels like it has literally suffered a concussion from all the hacking.  Woo hoo.  Two more days in bed, desiring nothing but sleep.  This suuuuuuucks.

What a great lead in… If this does not sell you on the read, I don’t know what will…

Up until a few hours ago, I could not imagine wanting to listen to anything… But finally I am feeling  a little better… So something soothing was in order.

Soft rock always seems to get a bad reputation and while there is no way I could listen to something head pounding this record still rocks… just in a gentler way.

Little River Band – Greatest Hits

I remember first hearing this band on the radio in 1977 with the funky opening, kind of country rock ish “Help Is On Its Way”.  1978’s “Reminiscing” would provide the soundtrack for many a make out session, but it was 1979 and their album First Under The Wire that had them really exploding.  This would be their highest charting album in the US and went platinum.  “Lonesome Loser” was a huge hit and probably the tune they are most famous for and a song I heard so many times and still love… I proudly have the 45 somewhere in my collection, which I hope is still safe in my parent’s basement.  That album also featured the great “Cool Change”, a song I love to sing out loud and was named one of the “Top 30 Australian songs of all time.”

The band was so big at the time, I saw them open at Giants Stadium for Heart and The Eagles in 1980.  That was only my second concert, and one I’ll never forget.

They continue to tour, including what seems like an annual pilgrimage to the Canyon Club, but there are no original members left… certainly none from the classic years, so that is odd… In fact, the amount of personnel change is astounding… with at least four different guys in each band position, and as many as eight in some!

Aside from that, this album showcases some great soft rock songs and make this a perfect Sunday listen.

Enjoy… Good health for all.


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