There But Not Quite… Let’s Keep Rockin’ The Vote With Original Retro Brand

One of my all-time favorite brands is bringing me on as a guest blogger… Seems like I will cover music and TV and maybe some other images they make… once or twice a month, for starters.  Very excited!

Check me out at Original Retro Brand… My first official post will be up at 5 pm today (EST).

Andy is the one who handles their social media and does a number of fun blogs and posts himself… but whatever you do, do not enter the contests and challenge my prowess… yeah, right… I seem to suck, so enter away!!!

Great site, great blog, great people… and the softest, greatest t-shirts and hats I own… If the family knew exactly how many I had… Uh oh… Shhhhh!  Let’s put it this way, I could go _____ days and not wear the same shirt twice!

Rock the Vote will be tweeting the ORB link and posting the ORB link on their Facebook page… Looking forward to that and seeing the hits (the good kind) jump on Marc’s Muse!  Lots of eyes on their page… Lots.  Hopefully they’ll love it and want to put me out on the road with… I don’t know… Bruce maybe!!!  That would not suck!!!

So you can read the post here… or go to the ORB link above and see the official version, with my very handsome photo… and one my favorite shirts… or read it here AND THEN THERE!  It’s all good.

Thanks for the opportunity, Andy!!!


A lot of radio stations have Two-For-Tuesdays.

This Tuesday is Super Tuesday… and while it is mostly a Republican affair this time around, it is the perfect opportunity to understand the power of the vote… your vote.

That is what Rock the Vote has been about since its inception… getting young people to connect with politics and political movements, to organize and take action.  It does not matter what party you support, but that you voice your support with a vote!

Look at some of the artists who have been involved with Rock the Vote:  R.E.M, Madonna, Snoop Dogg, Blink-182, and The Ramones, to name a few.

Do you think they all share the exact same views on everything?  Of course not, but they are out there to make sure you realize how important your opinion is… How important your thoughts are… How important your vote is.

We make choices every single day, from the simple to the complex.  We decide what to eat and what to wear, and then what to dream and what to do with our lives.

It’s easy to sit around and complain about the way things are.  It’s easy to look at politics and see the ugliness and not want to get involved.  It’s just as easy to take a stand, and that is what your vote is.  If you don’t think that every single vote counts, that your vote counts, just take a look at some of the election results in the past few years.  Every vote matters.

I remember being in Washington, D.C. on a lobbying trip several years back and realizing firsthand that I actually had a voice in this process… that these folks in DC were actually and truly MY representatives.  It was uplifting and empowering.

It goes like this… When people did not like something they would call and complain or send a nasty note.  This sounded like me.  I was and am a great letter writer… when there is a problem or something wrong.

So what if something good happens?  What do we do when our reps take a stand and put themselves on the line?  A lot of the time we do nothing, but that’s when we really need to call and write… perhaps even more so.  We need to make sure that we are being heard… and they do hear us, they do listen!

Each and every phone call and letter that comes into a senator’s or congress person’s office is tallied… each and every one.  So if they are putting themselves out there, it is our job and our duty to let them know that we appreciate those efforts and approve.  This is key.  If all they are hearing is how bad they are doing things, then that is how they will vote in the future.  For better or worse, Washington is run on the almighty vote.  A politician cannot do anything if they are not voted into office.

So you see that one voice, one vote does makes a difference… a huge difference.

When you purchase Original Retro Brand’s Rock The Vote gear that makes a difference, too, for you are showing your support for this important organization.  You are also giving folks a visual cue to engage and start a conversation.

“Hey, cool shirt.  Tell me more about Rock The Vote.”

Suddenly a t-shirt has opened up a dialogue, and a dialogue can become a movement.  It can be as simple as that.

Wear something cool.  Support a great cause.  Make a difference.

It’s your vote… use it!

Marc Goldsmith is an actor, writer and true music aficionado.

Check out his daily music blog at Marc’s Muse.


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