New Music Monday: I So Love The Sound And Drinking Directly From The Milk Carton Kids

New Music Monday – Start The Week Off With A Fresh Dose of Tunes

And remember, while this may not be brand, spanking new… it is music that is new for me…

There are so many things that can be classified as the “great divider”.  Music is the antithesis to that… the antonym… the glorious opposite.

Music brings people together… in joy and dialogue… in dance and voice… in a darkened arena or bar or the back of a book store.

When you listen to music, are you ever not moved?  Are you ever not experiencing some kind of emotion?  Even if it is sadness or anger, music is moving you… reminding you that you are alive and human.  To feel is to live and while we strive for bliss and happiness, life will sometimes balance the plate for us.  The goal, the ideal is to go with the flow and stay as even as you can.  By all means seek out every single drop of joy, but be prepared to deal with some heartache and pain… Just know it will be all right.  Music and people, friends and lovers, family and sometimes even strangers will be there for you.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, bring it all in, and let it all out.

Here is the way it works…

A while back I was fortunate enough to be asked by 100.3 The Sound to be on an advisory board of sorts.  The station actually wanted to hear my opinion and thoughts… and not in a bullshit way, either.  Little did they know, or perhaps they did, that the group of us who got together that first night would become fast friends, bonding over our mutual love of music and concerts and so many things.  We have our own Facebook group… we connect almost every day.  THAT is the power of music.  Love you, guys and gals!!!

We got to meet the station staff like Chris, Eric and Sam, who are all so cool and phenomenally generous in gesture and deed… and we got to meet, or in some cases re-meet the DJs:  Larry Morgan, Sheri Donovan, Andy Chanley, Julie Slater, Mimi Chen and Rita Wilde are all remarkable folks.  And they, too actually listen to us… take suggestions… offer advice… and are always striving to make the best radio experience they can.  Folks, this is kind of unheard of.  And when the program director and BMOC Dave Beasing and rock radio innovator Fred Jacobs tell you that they believe your input has helped boost ratings, that is totally unheard of… Sadly, them giving us stock options is also unheard of, but I’m working on it… or at least a steady, paying gig!

One of the highlights of this whole experience for me is the now open dialogue I have with Julie Slater… I love sending new music ideas her way… or telling her about bands I love, hoping she might not actually know them yet… or hate them!  She’s pretty hard to stump or surprise as her knowledge is deep… and while she is also brutally honest (which I love) and has shot me down and knocked some of my bands into the dirt, when she likes your song or group… she makes you feel really good for suggesting it.

In turn, her Saturday night show Out On A Limb on KCSN has given me a laundry list of new music to explore… She has exquisite taste.  So this one is for her.

And that my friends is a really, really long way to get to today’s band…

Milk Carton Kids – Prologue

They describe themselves as “a harmonizing, minimalist duo—use two guitars and two voices to create their authentic combination of back-porch Americana…”  There is nothing minimal here… Their music creates worlds… Simon and GarfunkelC,S,N & YDawesSufjan Stevens… so much comes to mind…

And if you visit their website you can get TWO albums FOR FREE!!!

The music is stirring and moving… it is simple and lush… two voices and two guitars filling your soul…

I like to think of myself as articulate… sometimes profound… and every once in a rare while, even poetic… But when I read Joe Henry’s introduction to the band on their site I knew I needed to defer to this master musician and producer and wordsmith… And to be honest today, I don’t want to say much… This music is speaking to me so deeply… So profoundly…

Granted my head and heart are spinning with a fury of thoughts and ideas… But this music is saying a whole heck of a lot.  It came to me precisely when it needed to… and it is telling me simply to breathe… and be quiet… in word and head and soul…  and just listen!

Now this is poetry… And you can read the whole thing here

“So now has proved the case with Kenneth Pattengale and Joey Ryan, The Milk Carton Kids: I listen and, try as I might, forget to hear them as distinct collaborators in song and story. Instead, they move to become a single, shadowy persona within the frame of Prologue –like young twins cast to tag-team one demanding role in a terse-but-tender film by Elia Kazan, haunted and hounded across a lonely landscape in search of the love that might provide their collective character a fleeting taste of both redemption and self-recognition.

And it isn’t only their singing voices that build this hall of mirrors for me: their songwriting and string work wind around each other like coarse briar at the base of a flag pole, confusing the mind as to how exactly it is fixed to the ground, while clearly keeping its banner raised high above the thorns, streaming if frayed. It is a flag that flies on behalf of no clear territory, though, as much as it waves to commemorate some missed opportunity; as if a particular time itself had been the fool’s destination, fading immediately upon arrival…leaving sand in the shoe, love in the rearview, and a hand bereft of the hammer that had almost forged something (God save us) permanent.”


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