No Way You Want This Groovy Thing On The Side: Pouring It On With G. Love & Special Sauce – Philadelphonic

Off to watch my NU Wildcats take on Iowa… a berth in the NCAA is on the line.  NU, I believe, is the only Division 1 school to NEVER make it into March Madness… the NCAA tourney.  That’s crazy!  Fingers crossed, so think happy, purple thoughts.  Go Cats!

Growing up in Glen Rock, New Jersey meant sneaking into Paterson for late night runs to Johnny & Hanges, the best chili dog place on the planet.  This was not the safest or smartest thing to do… especially after a night of underage drinking… but to Hanges we’d go.  For the record I NEVER got into a car with someone who had been drinking… Not then, not now…

The area was definitely bad, really bad, but once inside there would be a full array of colors and ages and people from all walks of life… all there to enjoy the same chili dogs and fries that had been served since 1939.  And perhaps the dare of going to such a risky spot was part of the thrill.  Whatever it was, getting two dogs in the famous “All The Way” style (Chili Sauce, Raw Onions and Mustard) and Fries with “Sauce” was late night heaven.  Day trips happened, too… but it was those evenings that will always stand out.

Ironically in 1999 the original location closed and they re-opened in Fair Lawn, NJ, right on the border of Glen Rock.  Apparently a second location is now open in Wayne.  I do not get there often, but when I do, it is almost like I remember it.  Hard to say for sure, but it does seem so… and it is still mighty tasty.  Those Jersey or Texas Weiners with that great snap… close to being “rippers” (deep-fried hot dogs) but not quite… smothered in “The Sauce”.  

A Google search actually yielded a recipe for “The Sauce” which claims to be accurate… and a comments link on another page provided me the e-mail of a gentleman who claimed he had the actual, secret recipe but could not divulge any more than that… I e-mailed him of course, and in some odd, espionage type exchange he e-mailed me a different recipe back… Experiments will be happening very soon! We shall see, my fellow Glen Rockians… We shall see..

So why did I go off on all that???  Because it’s about the sauce, baby!

K, this one is for you!

G. Love & Special Sauce – Philadelphonic

This alternative hip-hop band from Philly brings so many elements to the table, but fun has to be at the top of the list.  This was their fourth album, released in 1999, and features the great track “Rodeo Clowns” with the as of yet, fairly unknown Jack Johnson!

This is party music.  This is music to kick back with, or music to get your groove on.

AllMusic is luke warm on this one, but says the “album illustrates their desire to play up their Philadelphia roots, emphasizing classic Philly soul along with their blues-rap melange… The group’s laid-back, groove-oriented sound benefits from the sophisticated, sultry sound of Philly soul, as the single “Rodeo Clowns” illustrates… it just never really rises above the level of a groove-jam album.”

Sometimes you just need to groove, baby… and you just need to jam… and if the bluesy “Gimme Some Lovin'” doesn’t get you some, then I don’t know…

My other favorite tracks are “Dreamin'”, “Honor and Harmony”, the sultry “Kick Drum” and the sexy, groovy “Love”.

Hey, aside from “the sauce” and getting it “all the way”, “love is all I need.”


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