Marc’s Muse 365th Album In A Row – This Is My Super Tuesday… Who’s With Me? Who’s Next?

Marc’s Muse started out as a blog about food, wine and music… Three things I am passionate about… Three things that make me happy… Three things that go hand in hand and make life worth living.

Then a friend said that you need to be more specific and focused, especially if you want to stand out… Look at Julie and Julia… and Diablo Cody’s blog called The Pussy Ranch… Well, I was not making everything out of Julia Child’s famous cookbook or stripping… just a guy who loved music…

The moment hit me as I was looking through my iTunes one day and realized I had over 100GB of music (a lot more since then…), and that did not include over half of my CDs at least.  There were clearly things I had not heard in a while… things that were getting lost… and of course, a whole world of new music and discoveries to share…

Thus was born My Tunes: The Albums Project and today mark’s its initial completion… Listen to one album a day, for one year straight, without missing a single day.  Not a music critique as much as finding my personal story and connection to each album and sharing that with you, with the hopes that you will respond with stories of your own.

It has been quite a year… We will have tomorrow as the official year marker, in honor of Leap Year, but today is post #365!

The Who – Who’s Next

And with that iconic synthesizer and opening starts one of the greatest Rock n’ Roll songs and albums of all time!  “Baba O’Riley” simply kicks ass.  There is no other way to describe it.  This whole album is a rare classic and puts The Who on the list of the greatest rock bands ever.

I always reserve the #1 spot for The Beatles, but the 2nd and 3rd spots seem to be a battle between The Who and The Stones.  Personally, I lean towards The Who… I just connect with the songs on a more personal level, at least a lot of them.

This is only their fifth album and came out in 1971, following the rock opera Tommy.  Many of the songs were supposed to be part of another rock opera called Lifehouse, but that project never came to fruition and led Pete Townshend “to the verge of a suicidal nervous breakdown.”

An interesting side listen is Pete’s solo record Who Came First, which also has demos from the aborted rock opera… and allows one to hear how many of the songs went from solo Townshend to Who songs… It is a fascinating look at the evolution of Pete’s music.

I love this record on every level possible… It rocks hard and rocks soft… The ballads are stunning… Lyrically, Pete is on fire.  In “The Bargain” he says:

“I sit looking ’round
I look at my face in the mirror.
I know I’m worth nothing without you.
In life one and one don’t make two
One and one make one.
And I’m looking for that free ride to me
I’m looking for you.”

Come on!!!  I’m guessing each and everyone knows that by heart.

“Gettin’ In Tune” and “The Song Is Over” both slay me.  The yearning is palpable.

“I’ll sing my heart out to the infinite sea”… for we’re all “searchin’ for a note, pure and easy.”

And like a brilliant reprise, the thought continues in “Pure And Easy”.

“There once was a note, pure and easy
Playing so free, like a breath rippling by
The note is eternal, I hear it, it sees me
Forever we blend and forever we die.

I listened and I heard music in a word
And words when you played your guitar”.

Reading that leaves me speechless, singing it or hearing it, leaves me filled with such utter and incomprehensible joy.

AllMusic says “there’s anger and sorrow, humor and regret, passion and tumult, all wrapped up in a blistering package where the rage is as affecting as the heartbreak.”

In other words, this album is and has everything.

Thanks for the listening and thanks for the love… the reading and the comments… Music can bring us all together.  It does bring us all together.

Think about standing with a group of strangers… suddenly the lights go down, the music comes up and your problems melt away.  For a few hours, at least, there is no pain or sorrow, just joy and bliss and music.

Always listen and always love.

See you on the flip side!




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2 responses to “Marc’s Muse 365th Album In A Row – This Is My Super Tuesday… Who’s With Me? Who’s Next?

  1. What’s Next?
    Great choice for 365. Prompted me to pull the CD off the shelf.although I’ve the vinyl too. Well, maybe not. Son Nick has made off with much of Dad albums. I think I have mentioned before that in the summer of 1972 I got my first job as a stock clerk at J.J. Newberry’s . Up the street was Lovell’s Record store where I would go every Saturday after work with my pay envelope to buy an album or two. Who’s Next was one of that’s summer’s albums. It was that summer that I also camped out overnight (like you used to do) at the Forum to get Who tickets. Successfully.

    This album is a great example of what has been lost the evolution of two sided vinyl to one sided CD. This album has a great two act structure. Side one opens with Baba and builds to act one closer The Song is Over. Act Two begins with a great song of renewal Getting in Tune. The pause between the two sides to flip the record becomes very important.
    CD’s are also longer so you often get filler songs, ones that wouldn’t have made the cut on vinyl. A great Who song from this period left off Who’s Next is live favorite Naked Eye. It is on the CD, natch and a very worthy addition. Below from Isle of Wight 1970

    Great job, Marc. Introduced us to lots of great music and renewed our love for more. 365 thanks.

    • marcsmuse

      I agree… albums told a story… the vinyl… the artwork… I remember waiting on line for concerts… getting a wristband… those were the days… especially in that they actually seemed fair as to who got what. Thanks for all the wonderful comments… You most certainly get it and I always love what you have to say! Gonna check out the video now!

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