New Music Monday: I Am Jack And Young The Giant… Watch Out Beanstalk!

Cue: The Partridge Family

No, they are not the album of the day… But hmmm…

I woke up with a cold this morning.  I woke up with a cold this morning.

Went to sleep with tea on my mind.  (Repeat Chorus)

The alarm went off with my every intention of going to the gym… even as my entire left side was blocked shut… Figured I’d sweat it out… Then came the over-tired feeling… You know what I mean… and then the pounding headache… Two Tylenol and still no relief… I’ll spare you the rest, but suffice it to say I went from fine yesterday to “I woke up with a cold this morning.”

Man, this sucks.  So does my immunity.  Anything, anyone near me gets, I get… almost all the time…

So what the heck do I listen to today?  Right now?  Nothing… I need to try to shake this throbbing out of my head… Well, not shake it out… But hang tight… I’ll be back.

I’m back… Wow… Went to take a little nap and I was out… Two Tylenol did nothing… so I just chased them with a couple of Advils…

Including today’s post, there are three more until I hit the magic one-year-straight… And while the true goal of 365 albums hits tomorrow, technically speaking, I am going 366 in honor of Leap Year and will be marking the occasion with a special blog post.

Why do these momentous occasions seem to be marred with colds?  Same thing happened when I did my guest DJ stint at 100.3 The Sound… I rallied, of course, and thought it was fine… but did not think I was as light or as fun as I normally would have been.

We all know what John Lennon says…

Young The Giant – Young The Giant

As bad as I feel I want to make sure you check this band out… They are great, as is this album.  What is funny is that my pal Rob and I found them on our own, but kind of at the same time.  I am on so many music e-mail lists, but I believe they came across on one of them…

Ask me anymore than that and forget it… at least today.  The brain is NOT working.

The guys met in high school in Irvine, CA… a good breeding ground for bands it seems… as is my neck of the woods… and by 2009 were opening for Kings of Leon.  Artists from two of my favorite bands guest here…  Bo Kester of My Morning Jacket and Roger Manning from Jellyfish.

You may not know Jellyfish, so if that is the case hop on Spotify and listen to 1992’s Bellybutton… I loooooooooove this record.  So good.

AllMusic lists them as influenced by Kings and similar to Vampire Weekend.  I do hear the boys from NYC, for sure… not so much Kings, but I’m still feeling my way through this great record.  It’s nice to hear such a strong debut.  I do also hear some of my beloved The Boxer Rebellion, especially on the track “Garands”… so I am a happy music camper here!

“Following graduation, the guys ditched their respective bands and formed their own outfit, drawing upon their European and Middle Eastern roots to forge a worldly, summery sound.”

The standout tracks are also the ones you may have actually heard on the radio… “My Apartment”, “Cough Syrup” and “12 Fingers”, but this is a solid, solid record from start to finish.

The producer is the great Joe Chiccarelli who engineered a number of Frank Zappa albums like my favorite, Joe’s Garage and went on to produce acts like Oingo Boingo and the American Music Club (a newer discovery for me, but another great band!)

This is one of those feel good records that will just lift up your spirits… It is a fun listen… and exactly what the doctor ordered today.

So feel better, everyone… Feel happy.


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