Sunday Morning Music: Two Cheeks, Two Sides And Tears For Fears’ The Hurting

After today, there are three more posts to go!  Help me celebrate by reading, of course, but also telling a few folks.  Thanks!

Hopefully most of you read the blog yesterday, that featured an un-released album for the first time on Marc’s Muse.  The record is fantastic… and the supergroup, if you will, is called New Multitudes (as is the record)… That happens to be the title of the last song as well and clearly where the name came from… Clearly…

Not to double blog you today, but it is so worth checking out if you missed it… I am sure you didn’t, of course, but I do notice a slight drop in weekend readers.  Actually Sundays seem to be strong… Saturday and holidays seem to be trouble.  But hey, if I can write it you can read it… or should read it… Hint, hint…

Today is something of an interesting choice… And I say that because this album works on two distinctly different levels for me…

On one hand, I might say this is one of, if not the most, depressing albums ever recorded…

On the other hand, it reminds me of high school and college and some really great times.  Strange… I can listen to this when I am happy or when I am sad… Perhaps not as intently or intensely when I am happy, but… Today, I’m in a good mood and this is what grabbed me…

Tears For Fears – The Hurting

This is the debut record and came out in 1983.  To be honest, I think I missed a lot of the depth of despair on this initially.  I know… how could I miss lyrics like “can you please explain the hurting” off the great title track “The Hurting.”  Or “I find it kind of funny, I find it kinda sad.  The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had…” off “Mad World.”  I didn’t.  I was never that obtuse, even as a youngster.  Those came through loud and clear and followed me to college… But… I think when we are young, hopefully, things just roll off us a little easier… Obviously, the goal is to have things run off later in life, too, but sometimes that is just wishful, meditative thinking.

Believe me, I have also listened to this record in a very dark, lonely room.  It took a while and some age to make it really resonate.

Either way, here is something riveting about this record.

Three hit singles:  “Mad World”, “Pale Shelter” and “Change”, the latter being my favorite, although “Mad World”, “Suffer The Children” and “Start Of The Breakdown” are up there for me., too… I really do love that last one…

And… okay, really… how are these titles possibly going to give you joy?  Not joy, I guess… but they may make you realize your life really ain’t that bad… at least I hope and pray it’s not.

My pal Wikipedia says the album “showcased synthesiser-based songs with lyrics reflecting Orzabal’s bitter childhood. The Hurting may be considered Tears for Fears’ only true concept album, as references to emotional distress and primal scream therapy are found in nearly every song. The album itself was a big success and had a lengthy chart run (65 weeks) in the UK, where it reached no. 1 and platinum status.”

“… in nearly every song”?  Yikes… Did not know that…

Wherever you are at, I hope this album works for you.  Remember, out of great pain comes great art… Out of torn pieces comes a repaired whole… and out of broken hearts come the best love songs.


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