Jack Johnson For Jack Johnson (The Other One…) – When Music And Hockey Collide

I love my music, I love my college football and I looooove my hockey.

But… I am a bit of a bastardized hockey fan that needs some explaining… I grew up a Rangers fan, going to see games at Madison Square Garden.  The “Broadway Blue Shirts” are and will always be my favorite team no matter what.  I just get a special feeling when I see their sweaters… It makes me feel like I am home.  Guys like Rod Gilbert, Phil Esposito, Dave and Don Maloney, John Davidson, Ron Greschner, Ron Duguay… That is who I grew up watching…

But then the Devils came to Jersey and going to the Meadowlands was much easier… I know they are bitter rivals, arch enemies, but as long as they were not playing each other, I could cheer for the Devils… People look at me cross-eyed when I tell them that, but hey… Mike Eruzione was playing and later worked for the organization and is the greatest guy… aside from the momentous Miracle on Ice… Chico Resch… funny story about my friend winning the jersey off his back and having to pull over and throw it in the trunk as we were driving home… Yikes!  Come on…MacLean, Verbeek, Daneyko… Doug Gilmour I could do without, but they were a tough defensive machine… grueling.  Love how Gretzky famously called them a “Mickey Mouse Organization.”  Oops.

I went to school in Chicago and fell in love with the Cubs… well, Wrigley Field… Cubs by default… I was at the Bears Super Bowl ticker tape parade and then I got hooked on the rich history and tradition of the Blackhawks

I moved to LA… hate the Dodgers… hate the Lakers… not much of a basketball guy anyway… and wanted and needed one team to cheer for.  Hello LA Kings.  I go to games, follow the team, and there you go… Four teams I dig… in the order of origin!

Jack Johnson – Brushfire Fairytales

Wow, that was quite a preface for today’s album choice… Sometimes that happens, I ramble a bit… but this was never set up to have me as a music critic… It was to randomly (usually) choose an album a day, let life and current events help pick it, and then talk not only about the music, but what kind of things are going on around it.  Like I say “life is music and music is life.”

So… For better or worse… time will tell… the Kings traded Jack Johnson last night to Columbus for, no, not Rick Nash, but Jeff Carter… Which JC we’ll get, player or partier we shall see… A lot of folks ain’t happy… We shall see…

Jack Johnson (hockey player) is a great guy, a true class act… He was not having a great season and the Kings need goals so there you go.  I met Jack a number of times and he was always a sweetheart, as are most hockey players, actually…

So Jack, this Jack is for you.

In 2001 we were introduced to the soft rock/folk sounds of singer-songwriter Jack Johnson.  His music is mellow and influenced by his love of surfing and a laid back lifestyle.  Rumor has it that he was discovered by Ben Harper, who also plays on this record.

He now has his own label and produces some great artists like G. Love and Donovan Frankenreiter.

This is one pleasant piece of work… a great Sunday morning listen… a fantastic BBQ appetizer kind of record… or just something to put on and feel good to.  Is it ground breaking?  No… But it is a nice

“Bubble Toes” is probably the best known track off this one, and the way I was introduced to JJ.  I love that one… but my favorite song is “Flake.”

So kick back and just enjoy this one… Don’t over think it… It’s all good…


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