Sometimes We’re All Trapped – Johnny Cash At San Quentin

For Carrie and Mira… You’re a little bit country… I’m a little bit Rock n’ Roll!

I have a feeling that at the end of the day… or I should say at the end of the year… I will find some albums or artists I did not do and it will be an egregious mistake.  Then again, there is just so much wonderful music in the world and there is no way I can cover it all in one blog post a day.

So, for all the rich benefactors out there… pay me to do this full-time and I’ll listen to TWO albums a day… Heck, I’ll spin THREE records… Whatever you need!

Not doing this artist would have been one such mistake… So thanks to Carrie for asking for more country.  I am not a big country guy as far as the new stuff goes… but Outlaw Country and the old classics are the stuff Americana music is built upon, and I do like my Johnny and Willie and Waylon.  And there are far too many musicians influenced by this rebel.

The specific album goes out to Mira!

Hello, I’m Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash – At San Quentin (The Complete 1969 Concert)

Those four words… a trademark… a welcome… a melody in the phrase itself.

Perhaps not as famous as the first live album At Folsom Prison, but this one is just as powerful, as a testament and statement to the power of music and the power of The Man in Black.

It is Johnny’s 31st album and according to Wikipedia, this version is actually NOT the “entire concert uncut, but does feature additional tracks and running order that parallels the actual setlist.”

This show was also televised… as he says… “for England.”

“They said you gotta do this song, you gotta do that song… You know, you gotta stand like this or act like this… I just don’t get it, man… You know, I’m here to do what you want me to and what I want to do.”

And with that the crowd cheers raucously…

“So what do you want to hear?”

More cheers… and then “All right… all right… I Walk The Line.”

How can you not love that fricking song???

Johnny was a man of the people… all people.  He lived a life that put him on both sides of that line.  He lived a life that put him on both sides of the bars.

This album is amazing, especially “I Don’t Know Where I’m Bound”… a song with lyrics written by an inmate that Cash only saw the day before…


But for the grace of God, go I… No judgements… We are who we are… We fight each and every day to stay on the straight and narrow.

Obviously if you commit a certain crime, society will judge you, and I guess so will I.

I should not do it.  I have no right… but certain things just set us off… certain things are black and white…

Other things are not… other things are grey and fuzzy… So find your own peace, make your own way and live the life you want to live.

“Hey, in my kit back in there, where I got all my dope… I mean where I got all my things… there’s a little red notebook back there…”

A song later he sings a tune he said he wrote yesterday… “San Quentin.”

He was in prison quite literally, but he was also free and the music of Johnny Cash does just that… it sets us free.


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