The Comedy Album – A Pivotal Moment On Vinyl: Steve Martin Is A Wild And Crazy Guy

It’s funny… but up until today, there has not been a spoken word or comedy album in this blog.  It just never occurred to me, even though many comedy albums are a vital part of my memory… George Carlin, Steve Martin, Cheech and Chong.

I set out to listen to an album a day and blog about… This is an album… It is not a music record, but it does have music on it.

Then again, if you listen to Steve Martin, there is such a distinct rhythm and an amazing musicality to his delivery and sense of humor.  This is part of what makes him so brilliant…

Steve Martin – A Wild & Crazy Guy

When I was a kid I ran out and bought both rabbit ears and an arrow through the head.  Seeing Steve Martin host and be on Saturday Night Live was always an amazing joy.  Steve Martin films like The Jerk and All Of Me will always remain on my favorite movie list.

This album still makes me laugh.  It also soothes me.  It is like the best comfort food and just so classic.

Comedy would never be the same after Steve.

“Does the Pope shit in the woods?”

“It’s like those French have a different word for everything.”

At the end of the second track a guy shouts out, “What’s your mood watch say?”

Without missing a beat, Steve has perhaps the best comeback ever… “Yeah, I remember when I had my first beer.”  I continually use that line.  Genius!

The fact that Steve honed his craft first as a writer is quite evident in his material.  On of his earliest gigs was writing for The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, a show that was so ahead of its time in so many ways.

And what I would have given to wander into the Main Street Magic Shop in Disneyland and see Steve doing tricks, juggling (no, not cat juggling) and making balloon animals… That would have been something.

“I am a wild and crazy guy!”

After listening to this record again, I am starting to believe that all over.

Comedy is pretty, Steve.  Very pretty.

Steve, who is quite an accomplished banjo player sprinkles music throughout his performances… but of course on this record he saves his musical hit for last… The album itself went to number two and sold over a million copies… “King Tut” (Bear through the commercial to watch it on SNL here) features a back up band made up of members of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and hit #17 on the charts.  The single sold over a million copies, too.

Friends love to tell me how they saw Steve Martin open for The Blues Brothers at Universal Amphitheatre, back when it was an open air venue… THAT would have been something!

I just have the records… and what records they are!


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