Finding True Love And Romance Within a Made-Up, Commericalized Holiday – Nat King Cole Sings For Two In Love

I am not cynical, but Valentine’s Day is BS.  Come on, it’s a made up holiday; and if you need a holiday to remind you to love and cherish those who are important, than you are already in deep doo doo.  We should be romantic and loving every day of our lives.  And I will go on record as saying that making physical love every day should be on the agenda, too.

Who am I kidding… I’m not George Clooney… And no, I am not perfect and loving and romantic every day.  Sadly, it is too easy to fall out of that.  But work at it, we must.

I like the theory of Valentine’s Day… the theory of being romantic and taking the time to send flowers and candy and dine at a nice restaurant, preferably by candlelight… and ending up in a lovely, dimly lit room with pretty scents, more candles and satin sheets… You get the idea.  To do it on the 14th of February simply means paying two to three times what you would normally pay on any other given day of the year… well, except that other, this must be the best day of our lives holiday, New Year’s Eve.

So what I am saying is this… use Valentine’s Day as a reminder to always seek out love and passion… to tell your loved ones how much you love them and then, to actually show it.

Romance is in the air, and it is also on the turntable… Let those records and discs spin you into a life filled with deep, moving, heart-pounding, passion-burning love and sex.

Nat King Cole – Sings For Two In Love

It’s a strange world.  Nat King Cole believed that the more he smoked, the more texture and richness his voice had.  He died at the age of 45 of lung cancer.

He started off as a pianist and did not sing until later on.  What a voice.  You know it instantly.  Maybe I should reconsider those cigarettes… I’m kidding!

He was the first African-American to host a variety show, The Nat King Cole Show and while it did not last, it was a breakthrough.

For me, Nat was all about the music.  I will never forget rescuing some of his albums (and some from Sinatra) that my parents were selling for 25 cents each at a garage sale… I did not really know who either was at the time, but they just looked like they needed to be saved… I cannot same the same thing about my Planet of the Apes dolls and play set or my Evil Knievel Stunt set.

AllMusic takes an even tone with this recording saying “But they aren’t actually all for “two in love.” There are songs for two who think “This Can’t Be Love” or that it’s “Almost Like Being in Love” or who tell each other “Let’s Fall in Love.” And then there are post-love songs — “Autumn Leaves,” “Dinner for One Please, James.” If Cole really wants to sing for two in love, he’s telling them good news and bad. Of course, his plaintive, undisturbed singing makes the happy and sad sentiments seem equally content, and Nelson Riddle’s orchestrations consistently support the singer without challenging him or getting in his way. ”

Does Nat King Cole need to be challenged?  I understand what they are saying, but I think his gentle easiness is what makes his voice so enjoyable.  I would like to think the word mellifluous was created to describe it.

So enjoy the romance and have a very Happy Valentine’s Day!


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One response to “Finding True Love And Romance Within a Made-Up, Commericalized Holiday – Nat King Cole Sings For Two In Love

  1. Don’t know this album but many of his vocals offer challenging emotion content. Mona Lisa and Nature Boy come to mind. He is the perfect Feb 14 singer but on another day you will want to explore his incredible chops as a piano player. Indeed he is the pioneering trailblazer when in comes to the jazz piano trio. Get your kicks on Route 66!

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