The Voice… The Thoughts… The Loss… For Whitney Houston

This sort of came to me… a little free form poetry for Whitney…

Surprised, no.  Disappointed, yes.

So much, so young.  So low, so fast…

Gifts wasted, lives broken.

Vocals soaring, ego falling.

From the heavens only cries and crawling

Wasted and wasted.

Shattered and broken.

The writing was certainly on the wall

No one it seems could stop the fall

Child caught in the crossfire

In the glaring lights

In her parents’ fights

What becomes of her?

Already deep in trouble and now lost

Fame comes at such a cost

The voice would never be the same

Lost in such an evil game

And in this town once that is gone

It’s hard for stars to still shine on

No one cares what’s in your heart

Just what numbers on the chart

And in a sick and twisted fate

Record sales will jump, you wait.

The praise, the songs, the tributes planned

Yet no one truly understands

The should have, could haves so easily said

But in the end the dream is dead

Whitney Huston

No more words… Two songs… Just listen… Once questions are answered… there will still and always be this.  RIP.

I Will Always Love You

National Anthem


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