More Joyous Music – Robert Plant’s Band of Joy

As far as I can recall, I have only edited myself once on this blog.  Meaning, I wrote an entire post and scrapped it because I felt like it was too politically tinged and might offend the more casual reader.  I do have a political blog which I post on when things really get under my skin.  It is opinionated and specific, but it represents who I am.  I’d love to do it every day, but that is just too much shouting and screaming.  And too much work.  Writing a daily blog is NOT that easy.  Seriously.  You try to write 600-1000 interesting and provocative words every day.

Politics and world affairs have gotten way too nasty and polarized.  People tend to only want to see things in black and white, and I much prefer to try to find the silver… lining that is.

So there it is… I wrote and edited and tucked away the original version somewhere.  It’s like letters never sent… Sometimes you just need to get it out of your system… Out of your head… out of your brain… but not ever actually speak it out loud.  There are actually things that are better left unsaid.  Our spouses and lovers and loved ones do not need to know EVERYTHING that goes on in our brains…

Why am I saying this then?  Because today there is some stuff going on in my brain, but I ain’t gonna discuss it.  Not even writing it down here… Maybe somewhere else… like in my private literary stash, but not here.  First off, it’s not for public consumption.  Second, you don’t need to hear it and would not really care… And third, the only impact it has on today’s blog is that it makes me REALLY, REALLY need to hear some amazing music that makes me feel good and takes me out of my head.  Mission accomplished… Well, for the last 45 minutes or so it was… Now I’m back in the shit… Sigh.  I’m hitting replay.

This one is for Denise…

Robert Plant – Band Of Joy

“Band of Joy was the name of Robert Plant’s Black Country psychedelic folk group of the late ‘60s and his revival of its name and spirit in 2010.”  (AllMusic)

It was his very first band!

Welcome back, Robert!  This is a damn good record!

Apparently a business man offered Robert Plant 200 million dollars to go back on tour with Led Zeppelin and he refused.  WTF?  Dude, take the money, play with your friends and give it all to charity if you don’t need the cash.

Plant said:  He did not want to “tour like a bunch of bored old men following the Rolling Stones around.”

I get that… Living in the past is not a great place to dwell.  But the music of Led Zeppelin is so vital and such an important part of Rock n’ Roll… and there are a lot of idiots out there, like me, who never got to see you live… I could handle doing a half of year of shows… Big venues… putting it all out there one more time… and taking a big ass paycheck and moving on.  Then do whatever records you want.

Plant came back into our brains several times after Zep, including various turns with Jimmy Page and of course on his own.  I love his solo song “29 Palms” from 1993’s Fate Of Nations… one of my faves.  Then he took us by storm with the stunning Allison Krauss in the T-Bone Burnett produced Raising Sand.

Is he in the same vocal range and voice as he was back in the day?  Of course not… It is so rare to preserve a voice, especially after shredding it for so long.  He simply sounds older and wiser and still great… just a different register, a different range.

This record is his 9th solo studio album and having the astounding Patty Griffin on so many tracks is an utter joy… And of course, Buddy Miller (co-producer and on three tracks) ain’t bad either… I had the pleasure of seeing the two of them play with Shawn Colvin and Emmylou Harris at the Greek!

“Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down” reminds me  a lot of Bruce.  We always go back to the roots, don’t we… That is because they are so deep and so strong and have given birth and rise to so many wonderful, majestic musical trees.

AllMusic says “It’s as a joyous a record as you’ll ever hear, a testament that the power of music lies not in its writing but in its performance.”

Well, I think the writing has some incredible power, too, but I understand their comments.  They like the heights that Plant’s interpretation takes some of the material to.  I like the record a lot, too… and the fact that Plant is continually striving to explore all types of music.  But I ain’t gonna lie… I REALLY want to see Zep go on tour…. REALLY, REALLY, REALLY!


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  1. Stood for a half hour at the House of Blue once watching Buddy Miller tune every guitar on the the stage while we were waiting for Emmylou.. Worth the wait.

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