What Albums Do You Want To Hear? Marc’s Muse Wants To Know With Only 20 Posts To Go!

Speak now or forever hold your peace… There are only 20 posts left before I hit the one year mark… Don’t worry.  I am not going to abandon the blog… Not at all.  I love writing about music way too much… but it might not be one album every day, non-stop… no breaks.  It might be an album here and there… and maybe a movie or some food and wine.  We’ll just have to see how and where it goes.  Music will always be a part of Marc’s Muse.

If my calculations are correct, thanks to this being a Leap Year, February 28, 2012 will mark the 365th album post… There have been more posts than that with reviews, playlists and bonus posts… but the 365th record in a row should be on that day.  I already know which one I am doing… but in between, it is anyone’s game.

If there are some albums you think I blatantly missed… let me know.  Send me your suggestions… NOW!

For safety’s sake, I will go a few days straight after the “last” post… Just to make sure I did not miss anything… And I will always be talking music, so no worries there.

Thanks for reading!

You can always make it official by subscribing to the blog… so you get a notification each time a new post is up… and of course, tell your friends and family… I would love to see this keep growing into something bigger than I imagined.

Keep on listening… and reading!



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One response to “What Albums Do You Want To Hear? Marc’s Muse Wants To Know With Only 20 Posts To Go!

  1. Linkin Park’s Live at Milton Keynes…

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