Dreams of Scotland – Mogwai’s Stunning Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will

The provenance of this one is easy… I wanted to see where Trashcan Sinatras and The Pearlfishers fit on a list of Scotland’s Favourite Bands… I believe that is how it is spelled in the Queen’s English.

I went to Google… did a search and this is the first hit… The List.  Trashcan Sinatras were number 22.  The Pearlfishers were not on the list, which is a crock of shit… David Scott, who is the leader of the band, and also now a member of BMX Bandits writes some of the most beautiful Brian Wilson and Burt Bacharach-influenced pop music you will ever hear.  I have raved about this band since Rob Miles first hooked me into them years ago.  You MUST check them out.  THE PEARLFISHERS.

Aside from that malfunction, I poured over this list… Belle & Sebastian number one… Like them a lot, but number one of ALL TIME???  Travis… yes… LOVE THEM!  Idlewild… yes… Simple MindsTeenage Fanclub… Hell yes on both… Hugely influential bands, both… Franz Ferdinand… I’m down…

Okay, rewind… honestly, I had no idea who Idlewild was, so I vowed to listen to every band on the list.  You know how much I love and miss Scotland… How I yearn to go back… Idlewild is great… They were a great find… Many of the bands I knew… Many are on my permanent playlist now.

Then I got to # 20… Mogwai… Okay… I was hesitant upon approach… cautious… curious… I gingerly tracked some down… and then…

Mogwai are a Scottish post-rock band, formed in 1995 in Glasgow. The band consists of Stuart Braithwaite (guitar, vocals), John Cummings (guitar, vocals), Barry Burns (guitar, piano, synthesiser, vocals), Dominic Aitchison (bass guitar), and Martin Bulloch (drum kit). The band typically compose lengthy guitar-based instrumental pieces that feature dynamic contrast, melodic bass guitar lines, and heavy use of distortion and effects.”

The band makes some fucking incredible music… Sorry, I am still a bit stuck in yesterday’s post.

I am so moved by this band.  Perhaps I am feeling extra emotional today… I don’t doubt or deny that, but this music literally moves me to tears.  This was one of those most fortuitous discoveries… actually a lot of bands on that list are.

This is their seventh album and came out just a year ago.

I don’t usually like to just throw a bunch of quotes at you, but I love the way AllMusic describes this record… I sometimes feel my own musical writing is inadequate or not properly trained enough when I read things like this… I am not a music critic… don’t claim to be… and I definitely do not have that language… yet… I’m learning…

But just listen to some of their words… read them aloud… but please, be playing this record while you are reading… Stunning.  It’s on Spotify… or you can listen to tracks on their site… and if you go to their site you can download “Rano Pano” for free!!!  Click HERE!

No pressure on you… but if this music does not blow you away and move you, then I don’t know… I won’t give up, but boy…

The “opening track “White Noise”‘s graceful melodic arcs, which lure the listener in rather than making a grand statement… Compared to the epic sprawl of The Hawk Is Howling, Hardcore Will Never Die feels simpler and more structured. The album’s rock songs, including “Mexican Grand Prix” and “San Pedro,” feel almost like a theme Mogwai returns to throughout the album, with driving motorik rhythms and precipitous riffing that get heads nodding vigorously, if not exactly banging. Mogwai tease listeners with tantalizing glimpses of their full power as the album progresses with “Rano Pano”‘s shimmering majesty and “How to Be a Werewolf”‘s epic solo, but they save Hardcore Will Never Die’s definitive onslaught for last. “You’re Lionel Richie” combines the driest wit with the heaviest rock — a quintessential Mogwai move — as it builds from quasi-classical guitar figures to a scorching climax.”

I am so utterly, head over heels, breathlessly in love with music right now.  Where was this when I was younger?  I can tell you without a doubt, I would have been on a very different path right now…

But love comes to you on its own time… You just have to make sure your heart and soul and brain are ready to receive it…

So here I am, throwing open my arms, letting my guard down and being moved by music.  So moved…


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One response to “Dreams of Scotland – Mogwai’s Stunning Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will

  1. What took you to Scotland? For me it was the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 1976. Two weeks of performances in our own church-converted-into-theater venue.

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