Bonus Post: Marc’s Muse Month In Review – January 2012

A List of Listens For January

Aside from all the album posts in January, here are some other things I have been listening to.

Details follow, but here is a nice easy list of what has grabbed me in January of 2012.  I said what, not who… Sheesh.  Although… I wish more things would grab me… wink, wink, nudge, nudge…

Barcelona and their Absolutes album.  Wow.

The Black Keys and the new one El Camino.

Charles Bradley

Cloud Control

Flowering Inferno – Dog With A Rope


Gotye – (Pronounced Go Tea Ay) His single “Somebody That I Used To Know” is riveting and addicting and his voice is amazing.  I just ordered the full album, Making Mirrors.

Kaiser Chief’s Yours Truly, Angry Mob


The Milk Carton Kids


Other Lives

Sufjan Stevens

For those of you who want a more specific provenance and to know how those bands came into my iTunes…

Discovered in the KCRW Bin:

January means the winter pledge drive at KCRW, and that means a whole new batch of music.

I usually get a few CDs from the bin over my time there, which can include some great discoveries, and some not so great ones I bring back.

The bin gems this time around were of course:

Barcelona’s Absolutes (the blog for Jan. 30th) and Flowering Inferno’s Dog With A Rope.

Chatting at KCRW:

The other great thing about volunteering is discussing music with others.

A guy named Carlos reminded me how good the Kaiser Chief’s Yours Truly, Angry Mob is… And he also hooked me into:

Charles Bradley, who at age 64 has a new album on Daptone.  His first record only came out in 2002.

 Gliss, the band who opened up for Glasvegas out here… Yes, the show I missed.  Thank you very much!  He liked them better than Glasvegas.

Klaxons – British Indie Rock

Molotov – The Mexican Beastie Boys

Radio Is Not Dead

What is in the bin at KCRW is also played on the air at KCRW, so actually listening to the radio can open your ears to amazing new music.  KCRW and 100.3 The Sound have been my radio salvation.

My friend Julie Slater also has a great show on KCSN 89.5 called Out On A Limb.  She plays a ton of stuff I have never heard, so that is rapidly expanding my repertoire!

A few of the bands she has hooked me into include:

Cloud Control

Other Lives

The Milk Carton Kids

Music comes to us in so many random ways… although we soon discover they are not so random after all… Sometimes, perhaps, but not always.  There seems to be a good reason why certain things find us or us them, when we do.

 Sufjan Stevens

I have known this artist for a while, but am really, really getting into him right now.  Illinois, Michigan and Seven Swans are all great places to start.  Thanks, Jovana!


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