Make The Love, Make The Babys – Less Than 25 Posts To Go For One Year Straight!!!

Did a kick ass workout today… I know I will be feeling this tomorrow.  Thanks, Joe.  Great trainer in Westlake if anyone is looking.  I love the boxing… My arms are dead, like lead weights, but I love the boxing.

Driving home I am cranking the sound when this track comes on.  I will admit with the first few notes on the piano I thought it was Cat Stevens, who is now in my brain, too, so don’t be surprised to see him on the blog tomorrow…

But once the vocals kick in it could only be John Waite and The Babys and “Isn’t It Time”.  What a great song.  It is off the Broken Heart record, so I was really tempted to do that one… but there are so many tracks on this one that I love, so I had to.  I guess I should stop beating myself up over doing compilations, greatest hits or anthologies…

I just don’t want to appear lazy.  I love exploring deep cuts and a bands lesser known tunes… I celebrate the radio stations that do this… 100.3 The SoundKCRW… you get my love and gratitude… I am a two station man… Well, three as I love Julie Slater’s show Out On A Limb on Saturday nights on KCSN.  This is a great station… They also have Nic Harcourt and Terri Nunn doing shows!!!

But sometimes you just want a jukebox of hits.  And today… I want a jukebox of hits…

A shout out to Lynne Silvestri Krasch who said to check out John Waite’s last solo album Rough & Tumble!  Thanks, Lynne!

The Babys – Anthology

Just a little background… And yes, of course the band had some turmoil… This is Rock n’ Roll… and the record BUSINESS…
Here is what folks need to realize… creative people work very differently.  We understand deadlines… We understand business models and plans,  but inspiration is a tricky beast to put on a specific timetable… So work a bit harder to understand us, we’ll work a bit harder to understand you and hopefully we can truly meld art and commerce.

The Babys were founded in 1976 with John Waite on vocals and bass, Tony Brock on drums, Michael Corby on keys and guitar and Wally Stocker on guitar.  Adrian Millar, who is no longer alive, is also a founder of the band, but there is little information about him.

Chrysalis fired Corby in 1978… not sure why… and brought in Jonathan Cain on keys and Ricky Phillips to play bass.

Waite would go on to a pretty successful solo career and play with Cain and Phillips in Bad English… Cain would also find success with a little band called Journey.  Phillips is currently playing with Styx.

Ah, drama… yes, but the music…

Look at the songs on this one…

“If You’ve Got The Time”, the great live version of “Looking For Love” and of course my favorite tracks: “Isn’t It Time” (Mmmm!), the classic ballad “Every Time I Think Of You”, the perfect, pounding driving song “Head First” (that’s a crank it up and put the top down song if there ever was!) and “Back On My Feet Again”.

It’s been a while since I gave this one a spin… Hey Sound… thanks for the reminder!

Today is a good day… There is a smile on my face… I feel good… and music is just so alive.  Hey record companies, do you hear that?  Hire me, hire me, hire me!

Peace, love and Rock n’ Roll, baby!!!  Peace, love and Rock n’ Roll!!!


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