Friendly Voices Around The Water Cooler – Kaiser Chief’s Yours Truly, Angry Mob

So you know I am volunteering at KCRW during their pledge drive… You know I find some great music in their giveaway bin.  But some of the best music comes from other volunteers.  You stand around by the food tables or water cooler or mini fridge and start talking about the station and life and of course, music.

This one goes out to Carlos, who suggested something like ten bands I am making my way through.  Plus, he tossed some of his own CDs into the bin!!!  Way to go, man!  This was one of them but by the time I got there it was long gone!  Doh!

Now this is a band I have liked for a while, but for some reason I missed this particular album.  And now it is up there on my tops list!!!

I know, I know… But think of my failures as your victories!

Kaiser Chiefs – Yours Truly, Angry Mob

So… how did I originally come to this band… It all goes back to one place… one guy.

When you find an artist or a band you love, you tend to also love the artists who influenced them… or artists that they like.  Not always but a lot.

You KNOW I love Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band… and of course, each and every individual member of the E Street Band.

Little Steven, who I so need to hang with, has a radio show called Little Steven’s Underground Garage.  That show spawned a series of fantastic CDs called The Coolest Songs In The World… an 8-Volume Set!

On both the show and one of the discs I heard a band called The Pigeon Detectives, and searching for their stuff opened up a whole world of British Power Pop Punk.  I started listening to bands I would have never heard of not for Little Steven and my musical quest.  So here I am, probably 20 new bands later!

I really do not know how I missed this 2007 album as I loved 2005’s Employment… and somehow jumped to 2008’s Off With Their Heads.

I am trying to catch up on last year’s experimental (in the way it was conceived and released) The Future Is Medieval but am having trouble finding it… and anxiously awaiting this year’s release Start The Revolution Without Me!

This is a really great album.

The opener Ruby is a pop gem with attitude.  Love this song.  And “I Can Do It Without You” is also one of my favorite tunes… period!

I love this record!  Love it!!!

You will hear influences from The Jam, XTC, Madness, Roxy Music, The Clash and Blur.  All Music mentions them in the same breath with Franz Ferdinand, The Futureheads, Dogs Die In Hot Cars (I know… horrible name… but you won’t forget it…), Arctic Monkeys, The Fratellis, The Twang (awesome band… love them) and the band I continue to wax poetic over and say is one of my greatest discoveries… Thirteen Senses!

“The Angry Mob”, “Heat Dies Down”, “Love’s Not A Competition (But I’m Winning)” are all great tunes…

“Love’s not a competition, but I’m winning.

At least I thought I was…

But there’s no way of knowing.”

This is a band well worth getting to know and explore.  Hell, the list of bands who influenced them are all in my CD collection, as are the bands with a similar style and feel.

Thanks for getting me back on track, Carlos… and thanks again KCRW!



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2 responses to “Friendly Voices Around The Water Cooler – Kaiser Chief’s Yours Truly, Angry Mob

  1. The Underground Garage website is priceless. You can stream every episode of Little Stevens show. This includes his three part, six hour show show co-hosted with Bruce, his shows with Ray Davies, Keith Richards and others. Great history vignettes and music, film and culture. Can’t miss stuff.

  2. This is great! Thanks for the kudos and heads up about the Little Steven compilation. I’m a huge fan of garage and didn’t know about the series. I’ve tuned in from time to time and will definitely hit it up online!

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