It’s Always Better Live – Live Album Week With Led Zeppelin and The Song Remains The Same

Two… two… two for one…

I am listening to the album and watching the movie.

T R I P P Y!

Okay… here is another confession… I have never seen the film all the way through.  Just cherry picked at it…

I know… I am fully ready and prepared to be spanked.

Forgive me oh rock n’ rollers.  I freely admit that I came to Zep later in life… That sounds wrong… I mean it sounds right, but… you know what I mean.  I was not into Zep when I should have and could have been… Certainly not in high school, which haunts me to this day.  If I could go back in time and see one band it would be a battle between The Beatles and Led Zeppelin.  Okay, Buddy Holly and The Who with Keith Moon would also be on that list.  Sigh…

Led Zeppelin – The Song Remains The Same

A swan song… a love song to music and New York City for a bit… I love how they emerge from the tunnel to the glow of the Chrysler Building.  I miss my city so much sometimes.

Madison Square Garden, baby!

How the heck are you smoking, Robert… and then signing your guts out like that???

I love this movie… Rock n’ Roll as an epic battle… Fight after fight…  Gangsters and knights… heroes and villains…

That can also describe this band… and the music biz.

The year was 1973 and three nights of shows at the Garden would be used for the album and the film.

The album came out in 1976 and both it and the film got a makeover in 2007.   According to Wikipedia, until that remaster was done there were a few big differences between the film and the album.

“A comprehensive analysis of the sources of the original album and the edits is available at The Garden Tapes.”

The first Zeppelin album I was aware of was Led Zeppelin IV.  But it came out when I was pretty young, so it had no impact until much later.  In Through The Out Door came out in 1979 and is what got me really interested in the band… but I did not go back and really, deeply explore until much later.  Hey, I was a bit of a prissy kid, and only the bad boys and girls were listening to Zep.  Of course, looking back, I would have had a much better time with those bad girls!

This album IS Rock n’ Roll… everything about it.  You are hearing (and seeing) one of the greatest bands of all time… The Beatles… The Rolling Stones… The Who… and Led Zeppelin.  That is the list, man.  Then, of course, I would add Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band and U2.  But after these bands, who is left to take the mantle???  I’m not sure and it scares me… Maybe My Morning Jacket… They are amazing live and make great records, but they are not breaking through on as universal a level as these “classic” rock bands.  So who is there?  Who is going to save Rock n’ Roll?

“Rock n’ Roll”, “Black Dog”, “No Quarter”, “The Song Remains The Same”… then “Dazed and Confused”, “Stairway To Heaven”, “Heartbreaker” and “Whole Lotta Love”… What the f— was wrong with me?

I may not have been down then, but I am so down now… This lesson was made especially clear when I was making my special music lists… a series called Music To Make Love To… (You can go back and read the posts… They started on 10/10/11)… All the beauties from The Sound Backstage Group kept talking about all the Zeppelin songs that made them crazy… panty wetters, to steal a phrase…

If you don’t listen to beautiful women, then who the hell will you listen to???  I heard them loud and clear!  This one is for all the lovely ladies of The Sound Backstage.

So like I said… times may change… but this kick ass band and the songs remain the same.

Long live Rock!


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