It’s Always Better Live! One For The Money And Two For The Show – Live Album Week With Kansas

Sorry for the delay.  My little sweet dog was attacked by a 75-pound yellow lab today.

She’ll be fine, but she’s bruised and bitten and has a staple to close up the gash… and obviously we are all shaken up.  Although it’s good to know that my reactions are instinctual as I wrestled the lab to the ground and pinned him down while my neighbor grabbed Bozie.

Hell. I’m sore now, too… What a day…

Do I need some music?  And a stiff drink???  Hell yes to both!

When I did Leftoverture less than a month ago, one of my new pals from The Sound Backstage group was raving about this live Kansas record.  Another shout out for Mark G!!!

I felt like a fool, as I had never heard it.  How is that possible, I asked myself.

I am genuinely surprised at how many classic and amazing records I have actually missed.  But the good thing is this… It is never too late to catch up and give yourself a musical do over.

Consider this my musical do over.

Kansas – Two For The Show

So you may be asking yourself or perhaps even asking me… why am I doing this record, when I did a Kansas album less than one month ago.

There are so many amazing live albums out there, Marc.   Look, I knew I would miss a ton… I have already done a bunch of Stones and Who, so I did not do some of their incredible live ones… Peter Frampton… done.  The Eagles… I was tempted… very tempted since one of their live records was done on the tour I first saw them on.  I may still do that one.  It’s a great album.  Sorry all you Eagles haters.

Kansas seems to have a similar, divisive nature.  Or perhaps a dismissive nature.  People do not seem to HATE them as much as they hate The Eagles, but a lot of folks just dismiss them.  Not sure why.

They took all the elements of the time… classical, prog rock, stadium rock… and blended it into an amazing sound.

Tomorrow’s album I think will have you all happy… I think.  It’s tough to keep everyone happy.  But I am really hoping you will re-listen to this one… or even discover it for the first time like I did.

Why do I love this record?  For one thing, you get so many amazing songs.  Songs that just rock hard.  For another thing, listen to how good this band sounds live.  Listen to all the amazing, complex music they are creating… LIVE!  This is sophisticated shit right here.

But most importantly, the record is gorgeous.

You get the hits, of course, and you get songs that you might not know… I did not really know.

I think I am like the majority of you and took Kansas at face value… I took them for “Song For America”, “Dust In The Wind”, “Point Of No Return” and “Carry On Wayward Son”.

But go deeper with this band… Hell, all you have to do is listen to this one…

“Portrait (He Knew)”“The Wall” (Not that one…), the wonderful bits and pieces that make up “Magnum Opus”“Hopelessly Human” (LOVE this one!)… “Miracles Out Of Nowhere” are all worthy rockers.  Man, this is some good shit!

Seriously, open your Spotify and find this one… or go get it… and just rock n’ roll folks… all night long.

It may be one for the money but it is definitely TWO FOR THE SHOW!!!


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