It’s Always Better Live – Live Album Week And Sometimes We All Need To Eat A Little Humble Pie

This one is for the Marks… even though they spell their name wrong!

So Mark G suggested Performance Rockin’ The Filmore, which I don’t own, is incomplete on Spotify (at least not the whole thing, which is one of my few gripes with Spotify) and now want… Gets pretty amazing reviews and Mark raved.  Apparently it is all cover tunes and one original.  The album came out in 1971, just after Peter Frampton had left the band.  Obviously doing one with both Peter Frampton and Steve Marriott would have been ideal, but it is what it is and what it shall be…

The original band lineup featured Steve, Peter, Greg Ridley on bass and the teenager Jerry Shirley on drums.  I don’t think I could do anything that well at 17… damn.

Humble Pie – Live ’73

Figuring out live Humble Pie is a challenge… Spotify has a set called Live at Winterland, which I cannot find as an “official” release but does match what Amazon has as Hot ‘n’ Nasty: Rockin’ the Winterland… The songs are the same just in different order on each of those.  Spotify does have its own version of Hot ‘n’ Nasty, which is over two discs of songs…

I like things hot ‘n’ nasty… I mean… um… nothing… I said nothing…

Then they have this album listed as Live ’73, that matches the same title that Amazon has… however this one also seems to match what Wikipedia has as the King Biscuit Flower Hour that was recorded on May 6, 1973 at San Francisco’s Winterland Theatre… my Grandma’s birthday… and it was revamped in 2000 into a release called Extended Versions… Phew…

So this one it seems… I think… is either Live ’73 or King Biscuit Flower Hour/Extended Versions


When the band started out, they were not the hard rockers they became.  Well, part of the band anyway… This seems to be what put Steve and Peter at odds.  Listen to the album Town and Country, which came out in 1969 and you will hear fantastic acoustic rock and what Frampton would pursue when he left the band.  Steve rocks out on tunes like “Down Home Again” and “Silver Tongue” but nothing like what was coming.

This live record is a barn burner… or a San Francisco burner, since that is where they are lighting it up.  How cool would it have been to spend some time in the Winterland or Fillmore West during the ’70s?  Man.

The opening strains of “Up Our Sleeves” has Steve sounding almost Janis like.  When he sings his banter between songs, it does sound a little dated, but hey, it captures the time perfectly, right?

This is one sizzling live album from one sizzling live band.  Hard rock with a strong taste of R&B and as AllMusic says… “a ferocity that was sometimes missing from their studio albums.”

If you need a visual taste, check out “I Don’t Need No Doctor” from 1971… and “Black Coffee” from 1973 (courtesy of Mark L.)

My favorite has always been “30 Days In The Hole”.  Yes, it does make me want to grab my harp.  Gotta love the bluesy rockers and he is definitely jamming out on this one.  Not my favorite version of it, but it gives you the idea of Steve’s vocals and the power of the band…

Wonder if we should do Frampton live next… Hmmm… Already did a Frampton live album, so you may just have to read the June 10th blog.



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