The Best Live Show Is Going Back On The Road – Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Live 1975-85

Today is the day… Big announcements!!!

Shockingly, my phone did not ring at 5 in the morning… Oh wait… it did… With texted updates on the Academy Award nods… Doh!  Forgot to turn it off.  And yet again, no call directly for me.  Sigh…

But I am not talking about those little things… Come on, really… a statue of a naked man… Please.

Today The Boss announced his upcoming tour dates, and that is a cause for celebration.  It will be quite odd and sad, of course, to not see The Big Man standing in front of me… but this is the best way to honor him.  Keeping the music going is key.  Bruce speaking out on the injustices and issues of this country, especially in an election year will be powerful… No coincidence there.  He wants to stay vital and make a difference.

The album drops on March 6th.  As I said before, the titles of the tracks for the upcoming record, Wrecking Ball sound quite harsh.  They scare me a bit.  Someone responded that titles don’t tell much about a song.  Really?  They said they were looking forward to Bruce being all riled up and calling out the current state of affairs.

One or two songs, sure… a whole record… I don’t know.

  1. “We Take Care of Our Own”
  2. “Easy Money”
  3. “Shackled and Down”
  4. “Jack of All Trades”
  5. “Death to My Hometown”
  6. “The Depression”
  7. “Wrecking Ball”
  8. “You’ve Got It”
  9. “Rocky Ground”
  10. “Land of Hope and Dreams”
  11. “We Are Live”
  12. “Swallowed Up” (iTunes Bonus Track)
  13. “American Land” (iTunes Bonus Track)

While it is growing on me, the first released single “We Take Care Of Our Own” seemed like he was trying a bit too hard to write an anthem that would confuse and confound like “Born In The USA”.  Okay, so if you actually listen to the lyrics on either of those songs there is not much to confuse, but still.  This new one is a biting indictment of the things this great country is not doing.  Clearly we do not take care of our own.  Do they deserve to be called out?  Hell yes!  Should we pissed as hell and not wanting to take it anymore?  Hell yesser!  Is it time to start a revolution and truly get corporate greed and money out of our politics and government?  Hell to the yes, to the tenth!

So we need Bruce to rally us… We need Bruce to make us stand up… But right now, more than ever, we need Bruce to inspire us.  I need Bruce to inspire me…

Like my brother and I were saying… Each new release always has some good songs, but is there another Born to Run in him?  Probably not… But we should and cannot really expect that… and Bruce’s lesser songs are miles above most people’s best.  He casts off gold!  What is most important about a new Bruce album is a new Bruce tour.

Yes Bruce, I want you to be angry… but I have enough anger and disgust in me… I need happiness and bliss and love and joy.  And I know I will get it… I will get that special feeling on April 26th… and I look forward to taking my daughter to her first Bruce show…

Sorry, Jason… switching up today and tomorrow.

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band – Live 1975-85

It’s funny… they say a good blog should be no more than 600 words, which means I have left myself exactly 25 words (from here)  to talk about the record of the day… Oops.

But that is the good thing about Bruce… and live Bruce… I do not need to say much.  We all just need to kick back and listen to all three discs… Consider this our warm up exercise for April.  I have already done Live at Hammersmith Odeon, which is powerful, riveting and absolutely electric… but this box set is a classic, too… and a box of Bruce is much better than a box of wine!  I have listened to this set hundreds and hundreds of times…

One of my absolute favorite things is tracking down and collecting Bruce bootlegs… Yes, I said that in print… Oops.  But to hear him from show to show is… priceless… Obviously a nice, clean sound board recording is great… and an official release is going to give you incredible sound… So I guess the lesson is this… Live Bruce any way you can get it is divine.

The record industry has forced bands back on the road, since album sales are so poor.  They make their living at clubs and theatres, or arenas and stadiums, if they are lucky… I get it… I do…I have seen Bruce over 25 times, I think… I should count up and be all official like… and each show is an inspiration and a joy to behold.  He and the band have given me much pleasure, much joy and much bliss.  I expect nothing less on this tour… and I cannot wait until March 6th to hear the record… and April 26th to hear him live.

Ticket prices for the big bands can be hard to take.  Luckily Bruce does try to keep things in line… Pricey yes, but not crazy.

Seeing as much live music as possible is key… to our culture and our sanity.  It takes a lot of time and a lot of money, which sucks, but the rewards are infinite…

And live Bruce is a gift!


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One response to “The Best Live Show Is Going Back On The Road – Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Live 1975-85

  1. Numerous tracks on the 1979-85 set were recorded at the Roxy here in LA the night after I saw him for the first time at the Sports Arena. The Roxy show was aired locally here on the late KMET rock radio station, if I recall correctly. My then girl friend spent the whole day trying to win tickets to no avail. I borrowed a reel to reel recorder from a friend and taped the whole thing. Must still have the reels somewhere. If I recall, the show started with Bruce calling out “Bootleggers! Roll your tapes!” and Buddy Holly’s Rave On.

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