Two (Three) For Thursday – Michael Kiwanuka And My First EPs… Well, His EPs!

Yes, I know it is “Two For Tuesdays.”  I am hip to the idea and the alliteration… But my friend Tatiana… Yes, the same Tatiana from yesterday… suggested listening to Michael, too… She gave me a great list, as did a lot of my new friends from the Sound Backstage Facebook group!

I am working my way through them…

As I signed on to Spotify to search through my music and see what I was in the mood for, this one popped up as a New Release, so I took that as a sign that today was the day.

I have asked you all about the legitimacy of doing an EP, since technically it is not a a full album… There were no objections, so I am going with it.  Plus, this is my blog and I can make up any rules I want… LOVE THAT!!!  As long as I am doing an album a day, I think the streak continues… and today, perhaps to be safe, I am doing TWO EPs.  Actually… you know what… He has three, so let’s do THREE, THREE, THREE FOR THE PRICE OF ONE!

Michael Kiwanuka – Tell Me A Tale EP (Isle of Wright Sessions)

The opening “Tell Me A Tale” is so Van Morrison… but then those horns kick in.  Not that Van Morrison has not used horns… but on this song, it just changes it up.  They are almost reggae in feel… Subtly so… But immediately The Skatalites came to mind… And there ain’t nothing wrong with that, Mon!

“I Need Your Company” is good, but I am really moved by the last track “Worry Walks Beside Me”.  Maybe it is just where my head is right now, but this one grabs me.  I think I have these lyrics right… I’m not sure bout the second line.

“What will it take to believe I can run

What will it take when life be done

Oh Lord, I’ve been trying.”

Michael Kiwanuka – I’m Getting Ready EP

On the opening title track, he sings “I didn’t know what it means to believe.”

After listening to these two EPs, I am a believer!  That song is so great.

His influences and comparisons include Curtis Mayfield, Terry Callier (whom I do not know at all), The Temptations and Van Morrison (says AllMusic).  There is also Bill Withers (who I blogged about last week!), Otis Redding, Pops Staples, The Band, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Eric Bibb, Tommy Sims (don’t know either of those guys… Well, thanks to Spotify they are all in my queue!) and of course, Richie Havens.

If that list doesn’t turn you on, then we have some major issues to discuss.

His parents escaped Uganda and Idi Amin and he was born in London.  He was signed to Communion Records, the label started by Mumford & Sons and released the first two EPs there.  Polydor has the third and upcoming LP!

This month “the BBC announced that he had won the Sound of 2012 poll.”

Michael Kiwanuka – Home Again

I am doing his releases chronologically, but “Home Again” was the first song I heard.  Initially Richie Havens jumped to mind.  Not a bad place to jump.  I am so in love with this guy and his music.  Thanks, Tati!!!

The great thing about listening to these three EPs is that you can hear him evolving.  I love all three, but this one seems to be the most focused, and the full album comes out on March 26.

This one close out with “They Say I’m Doing Just Fine”.  Yes, Michael, you are!


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