Gorgeous, Gothic, Ambient, Alternative Rock With Neverending White Lights

One of those days…

Seemingly in a long line of those days.  Nothing bad… nothing great, just a day.  But we all wish to rise above the din, don’t we?  Din is right, by the way… I was not sure, so I checked.  It means clamor or confused noise.  But it would also work to say that we all want to rise above the dim… We all want to shine… We all yearn for truly magnificent days, don’t we.  Days filled with creation and joy and bliss.  Days that just seem to mean something, and where we are lucky enough to know that, right as it is happening… to be fully aware of the significance of those consecutive 24 hours.

The days will not be never-ending… Double negative, yes.  Mortality plays on my thoughts from time to time, but I am hoping for more fulfillment… especially creatively.  It’s hard not to think of the industry as this fast-moving ship that only, occasionally stops.  If you time it right, come on board… if not, you are chasing that elusive luxury liner… watching all the passengers at the all-you-can-eat buffet and performing in the best magic and stage shows.

So how does that bring us to today’s musical selection?  It just does.

Never Ending White Lights – Act I: Goodbye Friends Of The Heavenly Bodies

I have written about this before for sure, but not in The Albums Project, so here it is.  This one came out in 2005 and was four years in the making.  Quite a labor of love.  Act III: Love Will Ruin (Part 1) was just released towards the end of 2011 after a few years delay.  Have not picked that one up yet… AAGGHH… Meant to look for it at Freakbeat‘s sale which just ended yesterday, of course… But the reviews are stellar, as they are for this one.

I cannot recall how I found this band, but I think it was through an iTunes search.  It’s cool when people actually like and talk about albums you eventually fall for… Romantic, that.

The lush, opening track “From What I Once Was” sets the tone.  Stunning.

“Ending Of A Story” is equally gorgeous.

The whole record is this amazing, larger than life canvas… The scope and genre mixing landscape is majestic… This is one to listen to on a good pair of headsets for sure… What a trip!

So the “band” is Canadian musician Daniel Victor and a musical collaboration he brings in.

Daniel Victor performs all musical instruments, with most of his songs featuring guest singers. The idea behind Neverending White Lights is to present a sampling of different voices, styles, and artists, while retaining the ‘focused’ sound characteristic of a band.”

As far as the inspiration for this project, “he was finding himself more influenced by textural sounds, cinematic production and melancholy songwriting… He created worlds of ambience, melody, and emotion within each composition. ‘Vibe’ was very important to him. It was just about ‘songs’, but about environments; how and where they live.”

Brian Eno, Jeff Buckley, Massive Attack and Radiohead are who Daniel said inspired him, and their sounds and influences can most definitely be heard on the record.

The album features lead members of: 311, City & Colour, Finger Eleven, Our Lady Peace, Ours, Hum (band), Shudder to Think, The Velvet Teen, Age of Electric, The Watchmen, The Black Maria, Creeper Lagoon, Starflyer 59, Deckard, Supergarage, Evelynn, and Cirrus.  That makes for a great follow-up musical list right there, folks… I love 311 and City & Colour and do not know many of the rest.  Spotify?  Spotify are you there???  Oh yes you are!!!

In reading about this one, I found that “On Fire”, a great track with Switchfoot, did not make the album, but can be found on their own The Beautiful Letdown.  I guess this San Diego band is still considered a Contemporary Christian rock group, which is not normally my taste, but I dig this one much like I did some of Jars of Clay’s more secular tunes.

Anyway, please check out Neverending White Lights… Acts I, II and now III… This is some beautiful, sweeping, gorgeous rock my friends… It will shed some light on you for sure.


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