The Headlines Say It’s A Sports Weekend With Huey Lewis & The News

The boys did a nice job singing the National Anthem before the Forty-Niners game, so I wanted to give them some props for that.

I have many fond memories listening to this band, particularly down the Jersey Shore… Ahhh… Driving down in Ron Sell’s Camaro… paying the tolls for cute girls who happened to be behind us… Sticking a coin on my forehead and pretending like I could not find the change I needed to pay the toll man…

And of course, unrequited love.  Met a beautiful woman down there our senior year who was going to Harvard… totally blanking on her name, but wondering where she might be now just the same…

“Do You Believe In Love” from Picture This is the song we played when we were brokenhearted and pretended like we were in a music video… sadly walking on the boardwalk past all the carny games… Same with “If This Is It” from this one… Sigh… That one really fit with that one trip.

“You’ve been thinking

And I’ve been drinking

We both know that it’s just not right.”

That was my life right there.

But like they say… no broken hearts, no love songs.

I love the terms “catchy hooks” and “infectious hooks”.  I did not come up with them, but this album is full of ’em and definitely the most complete album the band would do.  This was the one that made Huey Lewis & The News megastars.

While I also really liked the 1986 follow-up, Fore, I will admit I kind of fell off the band after that one.  But hearing this one and going back to their earlier albums put a big smile on my face.

“The Heart of Rock and Roll” is the classic opener.  You gotta love this song… Come on!  Same with “I Want A New Drug”… classic ’80s.

“Walking On A Thin Line” was always my favorite track from this record… Great pop with lyrics that go a little deeper.  That one and the previously mentioned “If This Is It”… Hey, I’m a Rock n’ Roll romantic.

I also love playing harp along to Huey Lewis records… so give me an empty house… a few harmonicas… and I become a secret rock star!  Well… apparently Huey has some other things I don’t have… but a guy can dream!

Enjoy your Sports filled weekend, y’all!


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