Friday The 13th And The Empty Glass Is Full – Rocking With Pete Townshend

Great Kings game last night… Well… Except for the brutal injury to Kopitar and the refs doing everything possible to help the Stars… and the Kings losing in a shootout.

Saw Breathe Carolina in between periods… I liked them.  I think my description is right on… Electronic Rock with a little Linkin Park meeting a lot of Panic at the Disco… catchy hooks with a bit of rapping and screeching.  Check ’em out yourself.

Pete Townshend – Empty Glass

I knew I was in the mood to do some Pete, but to be honest I would have picked All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes since it is my favorite Townshend solo record and has two of my favorite songs… “Slit Skirts” and “Sea Refuses No River”, however,  I do not own the disc or have a download and it seems to be out of print… expensive import only… not even a download available… And to make matters worse… not a lot of Townshend on Spotify… Hmmm… Deluxe reissues coming soon???


This is actually his second solo album, which I will admit I did not know… I thought it was his first, but that was 1972’s Who Came First… and yes, I will be tracking that one down for sure!  What is wrong with me?

I do know and love 1977’s Rough Mix with Ronnie Lane… That has always been one of may favorite records.

This one is deeply revealing and makes sense that it was Pete’s way of dealing with some huge issues… Keith Moon’s death and his own demons amongst other things…

Like most of his solo albums, you hear songs that easily could have been “Who” songs…

“Rough Boys” is definitely one of them.  I like what Wikipedia says about that and the album as a whole:

“As a result, Empty Glass, when compared with The Who’s 1981 album Face Dances, was considered the superior album, with many critics calling it a Who album that never was. Roger Daltrey later commented that he felt let down by Townshend, and that many of the songs from the album would have worked well for The Who, among them “Rough Boys” and “Empty Glass”; Townshend countered by saying that he felt “Rough Boys” was the one song Daltrey would have wanted clarified (in terms of the song’s homoerotic subtext) and toned down if he were to sing it, thus defeating its message, while “Empty Glass” had been recorded during sessions for Who Are You in 1978, with a version featuring Keith Moon on drums and John Entwistle on bass released on the 1996 reissue of that album. This version is notable for the more suicidal undertones in the lyrics that were changed in the final, solo version. The line “Killing each other, then we jump off the ledge” on the Who Are You sessions was changed to “Killing each other by driving a wedge”.

“Let My Love Open The Door” is another favorite, and was obviously the biggest hit off this record… reaching number nine on the charts.

I also absolutely love “And I Moved” and “A Little Is Enough”… Such a great record…

Pete’s songwriting is powerful… He is easily one of rock’s best writers and performers… Going back to this and The Who makes it pretty clear… Long Live Rock!


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