Marc’s Muse – New Music Mondays: Flying Loud and High With We Were Promised Jetpacks

I used to not put the artist and the album in the subject line/header/title, as I liked giving you the mystery of not knowing who you would be reading about.

It forced folks to delve in a bit… and only after an introduction or story was the artist of the day revealed.

I found that there could be no pre-judgements made this way… People would read the blog or not, and not make that decision based on what the album of the day was.  Clearly classic rock garners the most attention, but there is so much great music I want to share and it runs across many genres.  The goal is to open up all of our minds.  Hell, my tastes have only truly expanded in the last 10-15 years…  There is an amazing world of music out there… and it is ours for the listening.

What is especially cool is being the one to introduce you to a new band or artist or someone you may not have heard of.  That gives me a lot of pleasure and bliss.  Sharing music, or a new restaurant or wine or a cool recipe brings us together.

With that said, welcome to the all-new New Music Mondays!  (Cheers, applause).

The idea here is to hopefully introduce you to bands that you may not know or be aware of… It could be a brand new artist… or it could simply be music that is NEW TO ME.  Hopefully we won’t have too many shocked reactions that I did not know someone, or some particular album… but it could happen… Hell… It has happened.

We Were Promised Jetpacks – In The Pits Of Our Stomach

Ironically, this one flew under the radar for me… which is especially odd given how much I loved their 2009 debut album.  I most certainly would have placed it in the top albums of 2011.  It came out on October 9th of last year and does not fall victim to the classic second album, sophomore slump so many bands plunge into.

I discovered this band along with The Twilight Sad and Frightened Rabbit courtesy of Amoeba Music and the great little booklet they put out called simply and appropriately, Music We Like, that lists what the store employees are listening to and like.  Once you find who you identify with you will be golden.

These bands have a lot of similarities.  They are all from Scotland and all basically play the same style of punk and pop… Fast, loud and catchy music.  They are influenced by each other and have toured together…

Joy Division, New Order, The Vaselines, Interpol and Editors (who have two albums I love… Back Room and In This Light And On This Evening) would also be on the list of inspirations and I would add Glasvegas and The Vaccines to the list of similar artists.  Not the same, but similar.

This album flies by with “songs that feel like a wallop to the gut.”  AllMusic continues “their previous indie pop leanings are mostly gone, though “Medicine”‘s driving post-post-punk has a tunefulness that makes it a standout.”

That is my favorite track, I think, so perhaps I am Mr. Softy.

The opener “Circles and Squares” reminds me the most of Glasvegas and is a great rocker!

“Act on Impulse” is anything but, as it builds slowly into a more driving tune.  The vocals do not even kick in until over two minutes in.

iTunes says the album has “crystallized rage and despair”, calling out tracks like “Pear Tree”, “Sore Thumb” and “Boy In The Backseat”.

I guess at my age you identify with the despair more than the rage… not that I can’t embrace rage and occasionally do.  I like going off from time to time, but I think that is more of a young person’s art.  Perhaps that is why the sweeping and more melancholy “Sore Thumb” is right up my alley. But like many of their songs, that one, too starts off in one place and finishes in another… a very different place.  That’s what makes life and music and travel so wonderful.  Just enjoy the journey and ride along the way.  So grab your jet pack… for tonight we fly.


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