Dorothy Always Came Back To Kansas And She Had a Wicked Slice on Her Leftoverture

I love New Year’s Eve in that it is my Mother’s birthday.  We just threw her a surprise party last night and she loved it… Lots of fun.

I hate New Year’s Eve in the way too many people feel like they have to make it the best, most important night of the year… People think they have to make up for lost time… Even if it is just a few hours… They try to fill in every last second of the old year and bring in the new… Restaurants and clubs gouge you and charge you two to three times what they normally charge for the exact, same thing…

Forget it.  Give me great food and wine, great friends and a stay at home night and I am thrilled.

This year is family and kids and casual… and of course, music.

Kansas – Leftoverture

I vividly remember seeing the 1977 movie Heroes, with Henry Winkler and Sally Field when I was at Camp Weequahic, a sleepaway camp in Lakewood, PA.  The camp had a limited number of movies that would be projected onto a small screen set up on the tennis courts… Of course now that I have said that, I am second guessing my own story… but I think it is right.  They did also have Thunderbolt and Lightfoot… That I am sure of… Both films were odd choices for young campers.

I love Henry Winkler… love him… and Sally Field was adorable in that movie… but what I really fell in love with was Kansas.  “Carry On Wayard Son” was featured prominently in the movie and from the moment I heard it, I was forever hooked.

Kansas’ heyday was in the 1970s and their sound certainly defines ’70s rock… Big progressive, arena rock.  Prog Rock came from the UK, but American bands like Kansas and Boston made it their own.  One hears YesELP and The Moody Blues, but when the radio is on, and a specific tune comes to life, one only hears Kansas.

The founding members of the group are guitarist Kerry Livgren, bassist Dave Hope, and drummer Phil Ehart.  In 1971 they added classically trained violinist Robbie Steinhardt, and in 1972 they added vocalist/keyboardist Steve Walsh and guitarist Richard Williams.

This record came out in 1976 and made the band a starring act.  “Carry On Wayward Son” was a huge, monster, runaway hit and drive album sales.

The follow-up one year later, 1977’s Point of No Return was even bigger… and kept the band in the mega spotlight.

I love both of those title tracks, but going back and listening to this one made me realize how much I actually like this band, deep tracks and all… They were not the critics’ darlings… and whereas they do not generate as much venom as The Eagles, there are some folks who just do not like them.

Whatever… I’ve flown over the rainbow and I am happily back into Kansas!

Happy New Year’s Eve.  Be safe, be healthy and be happy.

Rock on!


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