Redemption And The Whole Love And Never Forgetting Wilco…

The good thing is that it is still 2011… I can actually redeem myself before the clock strikes 12.  That phrase works especially well this year… Before the clock AND the calendar literally strikes ’12!

When I published my year-end music lists I figured I would forget something… either inadvertently or perhaps just not love something as much as someone else.

There has not been a huge uproar, which means that either you all agree with everything I say… or you did not really give deep thought to the lists… or perhaps you are just too busy enjoying the holidays.  I am okay with the latter and especially good with the former… The middle one would make me sad, so we’ll ignore that possibility… I know these blogs inspire you and give you moments of thoughtful and involved contemplation.

If you mentioned an album to me that I forgot, don’t worry… I will post a few more that I missed.  They’re coming…

Wilco – The Whole Love

My brother was asking me about this one tonight and how he really dug it.  I have it listed in my Top Albums Of 2011… but not in My Top 10

And I did not give it its own entry.  Odd that the only Wilco I have discussed so far has been the albums they did with others… I love this band.

It’s okay… I am still feeling good about my Top 10, but would have definitely had this on there if the list had been 15 or 20… And it should have been highlighted in my Honorable Mentions.  I did drop the ball there… Bad, Marc… Bad!  It is a great album from a great band who is always pushing and exploring and growing.

I was actually going to do this one as a “live blog.”  In other words, I was going to listen to it and write my thoughts as each track was playing… No editing… no digesting… just initial and gut reactions as each song hit my palate.

For some reason that fell through the cracks, but I still love that idea.  No pre-conceived notions… no time to research or look stuff up… just talk about each song and how it hits me right then and there.  Will definitely do that soon… I am sure there will be a new album coming out before blog #365.

Usually I like listening to something, then sitting with it for a while and then blogging about it after… I like the time to let it wash over me.  I always listen again while I write, just to have it right there in my brain… and you never know… sometimes things change…

The thing about this record, is that I am still taking it in.  It definitely hit me the right way initially, but on each listen there is something else to really hear and explore.

Jeff Tweedy and company are making some amazing music right now.  I was worried about the band for a while… Seemed like they might implode.  But now they are firing on all musical cylinders…

I am not even sure how to categorize them… Alt. Country was always the easiest thing… or Alternative.  This album has a little of everything… And it keeps opening itself to me.  Dan, you are right… the closing track, “One Sunday Morning” is 12 minutes and four seconds of gorgeousness.  The whole record is something that you will return to… replay will definitely be hit.

AllMusic raves:  “With The Whole Love, Wilco have made an album where the whole is as strong as the individual parts: the musicians play off one another with the intuition and understanding that separates a real band rather than folks who simply work together, and the songs cohere into a whole that’s rich, intelligent, and often genuinely moving. Quite simply, this is the work of a great band at the peak of their powers, and The Whole Love is a joy to hear, revealing more with each listen and confirming once again that Wilco is as good a band as America can claim in the 21st century.”


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