Ring, Ring For The Ting Tings – Music For the Eve

I was scrolling through my iTunes and trying to find something fun and different and… Boom!  The Ting Tings… I have not listened to this one in a while.  Fun!

I can thank KCRW for introducing me to this band… and Columbia Records for tickets to see them at The Troubadour.  This was a few years ago and I won the tickets through some kind of contest… I don’t remember.  I do remember the show and it was great … They are totally fun live… and of course on record.

The Ting Tings – We Started Nothing

“The Ting Tings are an English musical duo, consisting of Jules de Martino (drums, lead guitar, bass guitar, vocals, piano) and Katie White (vocals, guitar, bass drums, bass guitar, cowbells).  They formed in December 2007 while based at Islington Mill Studios in Salford. They have released four singles on their current label Columbia Records UK, including the single “That’s Not My Name”, which charted straight at number one on the UK Singles Chart on 18 May 2008.  The album We Started Nothing was released on 19 May 2008 and charted at number one in the United Kingdom.  The album has now sold over two million copies, with a further four million singles sold worldwide.”

AllMusic calls them “a scrappy, dance-oriented indie pop duo.”  I like that.  Fits them well.

If you do not know this band, this is a great time to check them out, as their second album, Sounds from Nowheresville drops in February!  Supposedly moving to Berlin to work on it resulted in a darker, more electronic tone… I hope they don’t lose their fun side… but I guess we’ll see.

If you do know them and have not listened in a while.. like me… put ’em on and get the party started.  This really is an enjoyable record.  Trust me!  If you do, you’ll be up and dancing and bouncing in no time at all.


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