I Am Not Going Soft, Just Easy – Brian Crain’s Gorgeous Sienna

My 300th Post will now be Christmas Day.  Not bad for a nice Jewish boy… What does it mean?  Is it simply a coincidence???  Or something… else???  I wonder…

I am going to have to pick something really, really special… Only a few more landmark posts before finishing up on one year straight.  Man, that sounds like I just got out of prison or rehab… One year straight… 365 blogs in a row… 365 albums listened to and written about… Wow…

Come on, even though I do not yet have a book or movie deal, that is pretty impressive.  Even you all have to admit that…

Man, how much more do I have to fish for a compliment… Pathetic!

Brian Crain – Sienna

My daughter was almost named Sienna… At least that was the idea if she had been conceived in Italy.  While we were not staying in this phenomenal city, we were staying in nearby San Gimignano… and that was too much of a mouthful.  It did not happen anyway… but sure enough, the next month after we were home… boom… My daughter Encino… Not really, but you get the idea.

I get really frazzled at the end of the year… wondering if I have done all that I need to do… It kind of sucks.  I do enjoy the holidays, but it is a mixed bag of joy and dread… calm and chaos…

So I needed something soothing and lovely… something to bring me some peace.  Brian’s music does that for me…

Imagine a more cinematic George Winston… classical music that could easily score a thousand films… Picture that and you have Brian Crain. I really have no idea how I discovered him, but it is one of those lucky things…

He was born in Hollywood… He wanted to be a professional baseball player… That did not work out.  Music did.  He basically taught himself to play piano… He taught himself composition… and now he writes gorgeous melodies… And he is known throughout the world.

Don’t judge… just listen…

I know this is not classic rock… I know this is someone you might not have ever heard of… but this music is a gift from me to you…

Breathe… Close your eyes… Listen and breathe…

Peace and love to all of you.



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One response to “I Am Not Going Soft, Just Easy – Brian Crain’s Gorgeous Sienna

  1. I am glad I found another brian crain fan 🙂 I’ve dedicated an entire youtube channel to his entire discography http://www.youtube.com/briancrainfan

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