There Is Always Something You Can Do – Fleet Foxes Helplessness Blues

Oy!  I got so caught up in cleaning and the lights and the bonus post, I almost forgot the main post…

So folk music is all the rage… Indie Folk is especially popular and generating a lot of great bands.  Unlike the Indie film world which often is anything but… Twilight anyone… Really, an “independent film”???… Indie folk often means recording without a label… or at the very least off in an isolated igloo or ice house somewhere…

Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues

Okay, so the great Sub Pop label is a subsidiary of Warner Brothers… Bella Union is a UK label who works with the Yep Roc label here in the States… Definitely more independent… Fleet Foxes is on both… Regardless, these labels are putting out some kick ass music.

The band formed in Seattle, Washington and hit their stride in 2008 with the release of their second EP, Sun Giant.  Even though the word of mouth was going on a full year earlier.  Their full length, self-titled debut is also great and got a ton of critical praise and rave reviews…

Fantastic vocal harmonies and a mix of C, S & N and a real folky Beach Boys.

They fit in well with Bon Iver and Mumford & Sons… In fact, when I first heard “Battery Kinzie” I thought it was Mumford.

It’s a bit frustrating that many of these bands are finding success in Europe first and THEN coming back to the States to find it… Why are we so behind the musical times?  Why are we not embracing this original, indie music?

Maybe we are… just a step late.  This is only their second album and it also received a ton of praise… and a Grammy nod for Best Folk Album!

“The Plains/Bitter Dancer” definitely has some Brian Wilson influence…  and the aforementioned Crosby, Stills & Nash… Lovely… absolutely lovely.

This whole album is a joy…

AllMusic says:  “Seattle’s Fleet Foxes are led by vocalist/guitarist Robin Pecknold, who fashioned his band’s earthy, harmony-rich sound in honor of such perennial ’60s artists as Bob Dylan, Neil Young, the Zombies, and the Beach Boys. Mixing baroque pop with elements of classic rock and British folk, the band took shape in 2006 as Pecknold was joined by guitarist Skyler Skjelset, bassist Bryn Lumsden, drummer Nicholas Peterson, and keyboardist Casey Wescott.”

The other bands they are compared to and with easily make up a list of some of my favorite artists and music…

Grizzly Bear, Midlake (discussed just the other day), Mumford & Sons, Arcade Fire, Band of Horses, The National, The Shins, Elbow, The Decemberists and Iron & Wine.

Most of which have been discussed here… and some will make the Top Albums of 2011 list I think… Hmmm…

AllMusic also lists The Incredible String Band as an influence, and I do not know them at all… New band to discover!  New band to discover! Woo Hoo!  Happy Chanukah indeed.


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