Keep Me Warm And Wrap Me In Blitzen Trapper’s Furr

I would describe these guys as an Alternative band with a strong Alt. Country bent… but Wikipedia goes a few steps further…

“Blitzen Trapper is a Portland, Oregon-based experimental alternative country/folk band signed to Sub Pop Records.”

Or maybe they borrowed that from AllMusic who says “Blitzen Trapper’s music went through various genres with each record, bouncing from indie folk to art rock to experimental folk before settling into a rich, dusty brand of Neil Young-inspired alt country.”

Blitzen Trapper – Furr

Alt. Country for sure… Beck, Wilco and Beachwood Sparks are artists and bands they are often compared to.  This 2008 release is a fantastic album and it definitely moved them up quite a few notches.  They were featured in Rolling Stone and made many year-end,  best album lists that year.

Roger McGuinn would dig the title track, “Furr”, as The Byrds influence is dead on.

“Black River Killer” is another great track that owes a lot to Beck and the country-folk story songs of so many different artists… Dylan, C,S,N and of course The Beatles come into play… and the band will mention Elton John and Led Zeppelin on their own. “Not Your Lover” pays homage to Neil Young… and on and on…

With so many influences you would think this album would be a jumbled mess… Hardly.  This is a record you really need to listen to… and then go backwards and forward through their catalog.  2010’s Destroyer of the Void kept them in the minds and hearts of critics and is another great effort.  This is definitely a band to watch… and most importantly, to enjoy.

This is one of those albums I can put on any time of day, but for me, there is something about lying in bed and slipping on the headsets and just letting this one take me away.  The closer “Lady in the Water” really sends me into a gorgeous drift.  Good, good stuff.


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