A Nice Jewish Boy’s Christmas Music Part 3 – The Vince Guaraldi Trio and “A Charlie Brown Christmas”


An update from last night (Seeing Fela, the musical at the Ahmanson) and the Fela Kuti blog yesterday…

I guess it is pronounced Feh luh Koo tee… like Hey, Fella… Me and many others I have heard over the years have been wrong.  See!  I admit when I am wrong…

His music later in life was all about freedom and politics and fighting to save Nigeria.  Knowing the context and political climate and what he was actually going through is KEY in understanding and appreciating the raw power of the music… It is proof that music is so much more… or at least can be so much more… His music was a fire that ignited the masses and burned change and reform into the hearts of so many… But sadly his music and politics cause him great pain and physical suffering… Money and greed and power are dangerous things… Corporations are stealing and manipulating truths and justice all around us… We must all stand together, in peace, and fight for what is right and just.  We must all make our own music.

And you all MUST see Fela at the Ahmanson… It is a glorious production with such beauty and power.  Music is power and fire and change.  Be prepared to sing and dance and move an interact… The show is genius.


On a sad note, I have been reading some of Roger Waters’ Facebook posts and commentaries… Wow… He is so blatantly against Israel in the most biased, ignorant and way-off-fact kind of way… Considering my love for Pink Floyd, this saddens me deeply… but I will not hold that against the rest of the guys… and I now MUST find a way to win tickets to see The Wall so I do not have to personally put money in his pockets… I would actually skip it, but I still want to support the boys from the band Venice… Three out of four of them are in his backup band… Sigh…

Vince Guaraldi Trio – A Charlie Brown Christmas

When I want my yuletide to swing, I turn to this one… Who am I kidding… I have no yuletide… but I do still like to swing.  This was on the other night and reminded me of how much I love his music… Not just the stuff for Peanuts… although that is great.

I love how he was “discovered” for the Peanuts music… Yes… From Wikiepdia… What???!!!  It’s easy and usually right on!  That and AllMusic make my work much easier.

“While searching for just the right music to accompany a planned Peanuts television documentary, Lee Mendelson (the producer of the special) heard a single version of “Cast Your Fate to the Wind” by Vince Guaraldi’s trio on the radio while traveling in a taxicab on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California. Mendelson contacted Ralph J. Gleason, jazz columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle and was put in touch with Guaraldi. He proposed that Guaraldi score the upcoming Peanuts Christmas special and Guaraldi enthusiastically took the job, performing a version of what became “Linus and Lucy” over the phone two weeks later. The soundtrack was recorded by the Vince Guaraldi Trio, whose other members were Puzzy Firth stand in bassist for band member Fred Marshall, who was ill at the time, and drummer Jerry Granelli. Guaraldi went on to compose scores for seventeen Peanuts television specials, plus the feature film A Boy Named Charlie Brown as well as the unaired television program of the same name.”

Vince passed away in 1976, at the age of 47, completely unexpectedly and suddenly from a heart attack or aneurysm… So sad… Makes me a little nervous that my physical this morning was not as full-on, probing and as comprehensive as I thought it was going to be.  Hmm… I may call the doctor back.  Sorry… a little too personal there.  Way too much information… or… perhaps NOT enough information…

Anyway… Any hoo…

Enjoy this delightful holiday treat.  Yeah, that’s it… The music.  Lovely.  That’s what I was talking about!  Enjoy.  Happy Thursday.



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