No Longer In The Dark… Thanks To The Grateful Dead

Jerry Garcia popped into my head.  I am not sure why.  He does that from time to time.  I don’t have any of his ties, nor have I had Cherry Garcia in a long, long while… I love those Ben & Jerry, Cherry Garcia shirts… I’ll have to start looking for one again.

I came to the Grateful Dead really late… Toward the end of my college career.  I did get to see them live, but only once… How is that possible?  It was on the In The Dark Tour and they had Bob Dylan open.  A lot of folks say that was not their best tour… and Dylan was definitely off in left field that day.  I remember it being so hot in Giants Stadium that they had to spray us down with fire hoses… People still passed out.  Well, I am sure the heat had only SOMETHING to do with that.  The smell of all those sweaty

That is where I bought my first tie-dye shirt… I still have it.  Of course, I need to lose about 15 pounds to fit into it.  I’m working on it.

Grateful Dead – In The Dark

Technically the Dead are a one-hit wonder… “Touch of Grey” is their only song to break the Top 40… That is strange on one hand… and on the other… not so much.  It doesn’t really matter, as their music will endure long beyond any ranking or rating or hit parade.

And as any Dead fan will tell you… it was never or rarely about the studio albums… it was about the LIVE shows…

This one came out in 1987 and I think it was that summer that I saw my one and only Dead show… That really bums me out to think about that… One Dead show… Is that right?  Bad, Marc!

Garcia and lyricist Robert Hunter wrote four songs: “Touch of Grey”, “When Push Comes to Shove”, “West L.A. Fadeaway” and “Black Muddy River”.

Bob Weir and John Barlow wrote “Throwing Stones” and “Hell in a Bucket” (that one with Brent Mydland).

Mydland also wrote “Tons of Steel” which I just absolutely adore… One of the greatest pleasures I had when this album came out was blasting the shit out of that song on my Denon stereo with huge ass Boston Acoustic speakers… The folks did not much care for that and thought a train was about to run through the house… YES!!!

Sad to think that just three years later Mydland would accidentally overdose… and five years and a month later, Jerry Garcia would be gone… Phew… I get a bit emotional about that, which is so strange to me… given how much I poo-pooed all the Dead Heads in high school… I wish I had not been such a goody two-shoes back then and sowed a lot more of my musical oats…

But it is what it is…

The great and trying to break my bank Rhino Records released a remastered, expanded edition of In the Dark as part of the exhaustive 12-disc box Beyond Description (1973-1989); in 2006, this expanded CD was released separately.”

Yes, Chanukah Harry.. I would like this… or even better… a job with Rhino Records please!!!

And if I could go back in time, I would very much like to see more Dead Shows… and would definitely hang out with the Dead Heads!!!


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