Man, I Love Music! From The Airwaves Of The Sound To The Written Word- Welcome Listeners of “Your Turn”!!!

First off let me say welcome to anyone who may be finding this blog courtesy of 100.3 The Sound and my spin as DJ on “Your Turn”!  I hope you’ll stick around, subscribe and check back each and every day.  The idea is to start a true interaction on music.

To catch you up, this blog is currently devoted to My Tunes: The Albums Project where I listen to an album a day and blog about it.  The goal is to go for one year straight without missing a day.  I am currently, as of this writing, on album #286.  There are also concert reviews, bonus post playlists and just fun and lively discussions on all things music.

So check back in a little bit as I post today’s album and a fun review of the Jacksh*t show at McCabe’s last night.

There is a joy in the world… and its name is Rock n’ Roll!


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