Two And Out… Rolling the Cameras on the Cinematics’ Love and Terror

I have a thing for Indie bands from the UK, especially Scotland… Don’t get me started on Scotland… sigh…

For someone who has no Scottish blood in him, at least none that I know if, I have an amazing connection with and passion for this beautiful country.  I guess one summer at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival will do that to you… and a long-lost girl named Louise.

The Cinematics – Love and Terror

I love the genre described as Post-Punk Revival… AllMusic uses that to describe The Cinematics.  I am okay with that.  I would say indie… alternative and my personal favorite and genre name of my own creation… at least I’m pretty sure… Power Pop Punk… or Power Punk Pop… I’ll coin them both right now.  Oh, I’m serious… break a dollar ’cause they are now coined.

They were influenced by the usual suspects… The Smiths, The Cure, Echo & the Bunnymen and Joy Division, and are also compared to another great find of mine, the Editors, with whom they toured.  I think I found almost all of these bands… Cinematics, Editors, Kaiser Chiefs, etc. while searching for the Pigeon Detectives… and I am guessing Little Steven had a few of these bands on his show Little Steven’s Underground Garage.

This is a great album and I really hope you will enjoy it… That will allow us to get into some of these other bands, too.  So let me know either way… That is what the comments are for…

This one came out on October 6, 2009 and would prove to be their last… Two and out… done… kaput… They began to record their third record in 2010, but just this past July it was announced that the band had split up… and the record would remain unfinished… Too bad.

Ah well, break ups are a big part of Rock… They just are.  At least we still have the music… even if it is just two album’s worth.

“Hospital Bills” is my favorite track… Lots of meaning in this one… I also enjoy “New Mexico” which I liken to U2 on speed…

So… enjoy your Saturday…

And for anyone going to Scotland… TAKE ME WITH YOU!


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