The Day The Music Died – Remembering John Lennon and Double Fantasy

I had a huge uptick in readers the other day as many searches about whether or not Michael Bublé was Jewish led to my blog… Hey, I’ll take it and just hope that you all stick around!  The blog was about me being a nice Jewish boy who likes Christmas albums… Turns out, he is ALSO a member of the tribe… Who knew?  Apparently a lot of people.

So Michael, next time you’re in LA we’ll get a nice pastrami sandwich and a delightful knish.

For any new readers, the story is this… Every day I listen to a different album and blog about it… It’s part of Marc’s Muse and the specific project is called My Tunes: The Albums Project… the goal is to go one year straight without missing a day… so far so good.  Today is Album #268… and even I have to admit, that is pretty good… I can hear Larry David saying that… “Pretty… pretty good.”

There are some big things coming, so stay tuned!!!

All that makes for an odd segue and turnaround into this… but today is a pretty bad day for Rock n’ Roll… Not sure how else to get to that, so there it is… I just said it.

On December 8, 1980 John Lennon was silenced.  It still makes little sense, but then again mental health is still not fully understood and what humans are capable of doing it both alarming and frightening at its worst, and astounding and inspiring at its best.

One of the more powerful songs I have ever heard is Paul Simon’s “The Late Great Johnny Ace”, a tribute to the literal Johnny Ace who died on Christmas day in 1954, with a bizarre, drunken and self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head… and of course, John Lennon

It is a bit staggering to think that both Lennon and George Harrison are gone, as they were and continue to be larger than life.  When I stop and really, really think about it… let it get inside me, I get very upset and deeply saddened.  This is the music so many of us grew up on… the music that painted landscapes and scenes in our lives.  The Beatles were and continue to be everything.

Double Fantasy was released in 1980 by John and Yoko Ono. The album was not well received, but obviously became something else, something bigger, after Lennon’s death just three weeks later… It would go on to win Album of the Year in 1981 at the 24th Annual Grammy Awards.

Whatever the album would become, I like what it was and what it is… amazing music by an amazing artist.

“(Just Like) Starting Over”, “I’m Losing You”, “Watching the Wheels”, “Woman” and “Dear Yoko” are now classics and some of my favorites, too… But the one song that means so much to me is “Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)”.  I love songs that come so deep from the heart and are written for one’s kids… I love sharing them with my own beautiful, darling daughter…

And one of the most poignant and spot-on life lessons comes from this song’s lyrics…

“Before you cross the street, take my hand.

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

When I hear these words in John’s voice, I lose it a bit… Beautiful… Ironic… profound… words to truly realize and live by… In addition to all the love in my heart, I just hope I can give my daughter such an amazing legacy and gift.

Thank you, Mr. Lennon.


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