Nice Jewish Boy Strikes Again – On the Bubble With Michael Bublé And Another Christmas CD

There is and will always only be ONE Frank Sinatra.  Same with Bing Crosby and Tony Bennett.  They are classic interpreters with voices that cut through the crowds and are simply iconic.  There is nothing like any of them.

When Michael Bublé came on the scene I was not impressed.  It seemed like he was just a guy with a nice voice doing Frank.

Or maybe I hated the fact that this good-looking guy was making oodles of cash and dating the world’s beauties…  I would not put that past me… I mean I honestly never thought that out loud and in fact am just rationalizing it now… but perhaps it was buried in my subconscious… Geez… I don’t know.

I just saw him on the morning shows and he comes across as a really nice guy… and then my friend Daniella wants me to listen to his new Christmas album and tells me how it “SHWINGS”… and then he has this commercial on Spotify telling me I can listen to his Christmas album there… and it is right after Daniella told me to listen, so I think it is a sign from the heavens… and so I start listening because Bublé also told me to… and then I read about what a big hockey fan he is and how he has a rider in his contract that there has to be a local team’s hockey puck in his dressing room wherever he is and I think that is so damn cool and then dammit… I’m listening and I like it.  +_)(*&^%$%^&*()_(*&^%$#!!!!!

Michael Bublé – Christmas

As far as I can tell there are no subliminal messages trying to get me to convert… and in a few weeks… or with a few more trips to the mall… I will want to go bonkers and NOT hear another Xmas tune til next year… but in the meantime… I LIKE MICHAEL BUBLE´!  Okay, are you all happy???!!!  Sheesh lareesh!

Now look, I could never be friends with the guy because he is a Canucks fan… and we of course do not travel in any of the same circles… but on this album it is clear that he has gone way beyond the Frank impression and has his own, cool, hip style.  The record goes through the standards and delivers them in a way that would make all those guys real proud, but he also possesses a really nice and unique pop style.

Wow… I like Michael Bublé… sue me… sue me… what can you do me…


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