Clearly I Need Way More Patience – Over The Rainbow Over The Rhine

So first let me say that it is 8:30 pm and I am spent… I could literally close my eyes and go to sleep right now… Was it the two vodkas I had before dinner?  Or am I just physically and mentally exhausted?

I have been a bit delinquent as of late with these late night posts… well, late for the East Coast readers… I promise to try to get back to a more timely… read earlier posting cycle… and I promise not to use the same word three times in one sentence with an elliptical…

Over the Rhine – Patience

Back in the day I would give something a quick listen, make a judgement and if it did not immediately grab me, off it went to the Used CD Store… Nowadays I take more time… give things a chance, and while they still may end up in a bag or a box destined for the trade in station, at least I have given them a fair shake and a more involved listen.

I was given a bunch of IRS promo CDs many, many years ago… Yes, for all who know me you know how much I LOVE my freebies.  Sadly, the label is now gone… defunct… but one of the discs was this record.  I remember liking it, but I guess it must not have blown me away at the time, as it was not in my collection.  I was on Spotify when somehow this band crossed the screen or my mind or something out of the blue.  And so I searched through their albums. found the cover of this one, which I immediately recognized…

Nope… that is not true… Wow my memory is shot… I was reading LA Weekly or something like that and noticed Over the Rhine was playing at a local club recently… Yup… That is how it went down.  THEN I went to Spotify, tracked down the album I once had and started playing it.

This band has been together for over 20 years… wow… and I really wish I had no given this one up.  Then again, it took where I am now and what I am listening to, to really enjoy and appreciate this one.  Sometimes things hit you differently at different points in your life.

I hear 10,000 Maniacs and Shawn Colvin for sure… and a bit of theatricality, in the best sense of the word… It make sense that Karen Berquist is classically trained.  They (being Karin Bergquist’s gorgeous and soaring vocals) are also compared to Beth Orton, Sam Phillips and Sarah McLachlan… all delicious singers…

They describe themselves as ” “post-nuclear, pseudo-alternative, folk-tinged art-pop.”

Wikipedia says:  “Over the Rhine is an American, Ohio-based band, the core of which is the husband-and-wife team of pianist/guitarist/bassist Linford Detweiler and vocalist/guitarist Karin Bergquist. The band began as a quartet with guitarist Ric Hordinski and drummer Brian Kelley. Hordinski left the band in December 1996, and Kelley continued to play into 1997 before departing. The original foursome reunited in December 2008 at The Taft Theatre (in Cincinnati) to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the formation of the band, and again in the summer of 2010 at Ric’s studio, “the Monastery,” to play the album “Good Dog Bad Dog” live, in its entirety.”

“The band’s namesake and place of origin is the Cincinnati, Ohio neighborhood Over-the-Rhine.”

They have played with many bands and artists including some of my faves like Bob Dylan, John Prine, Adrian Belew, Squeeze and my recent concert joy My Morning Jacket,

Their latest album The Long Surrender was released in February of this year and was produced by Joe Henry (awesome!).  “Undamned”‘ the stark and lovely duet with the amazing Lucinda Williams is a highlight!  It’s like mixing The Swell Season and a bunch of songs from the movie Crazy Heart.

I am sorry I traded this one away, and missed their LA show… but it was fate and now pleasure rediscovering this band.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Spotify… If you do not have this yet… ARE YOU CRAZY???!!!


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