When the Winds Kick Up, It’s Dusty in Memphis

All right, this may be a little bit of a cheat, as I will actually finish this blog when I get home… hopefully to have it updated before midnight… But then again, since I am posting this now… I am under the wire… Sorry.  Crazy day that just got away from me, or blew away from me is more accurate.

Anyway, I am going to see My Morning Jacket tonight and leaving in just a few minutes… Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings are opening up and I am so thrilled to finally see her live.  May just have to blog about her tomorrow… But in the meantime, I was just in the mood for this one…

Dusty Springfield – Dusty in Memphis

Catch you all on the very late flip side…

Phew… I am back from an amazing show… Will do a review tomorrow for sure… Let me just say that MMJ is fantastic… Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings did not disappoint and aside from the myriad of technical issues MMJ was having, it was a great night… Can’t wait to hear what the hell went wrong and if those roadies still have jobs.  They were onstage more than the band!

I also got to see the ever lovely DJ Julie Slater… and met a lot of new, very friendly folks.  THIS is why I love live music… It brings people together… You get into amazing conversations and just feel so human and so ALIVE!  Long live rock.  Long live music!

Back to Dusty… This is one of those perfect records… If you do not love this album, then you do not love music.  Period.  It is simply stunning.  I can play this disc any time of day or night and it just works.  I can play it over and over and over again.  I can listen to it… go away for a while and put it back on, like today, and just revel in its glory and majesty.

AllMusic raves:  “Sometimes memories distort or inflate the quality of recordings deemed legendary, but in the case of Dusty in Memphis, the years have only strengthened its reputation. The idea of taking England’s reigning female soul queen to the home of the music she had mastered was an inspired one. The Jerry Wexler/Tom Dowd/Arif Mardin production and engineering team picked mostly perfect songs, and those that weren’t so great were salvaged by Springfield’s marvelous delivery and technique. This set has definitive numbers in “So Much Love,” “Son of a Preacher Man,” “Breakfast in Bed,” “Just One Smile,” “I Don’t Want to Hear About It Anymore,” and “Just a Little Lovin'” and three bonus tracks: an unreleased version of “What Do You Do When Love Dies,” “Willie & Laura Mae Jones” and “That Old Sweet Roll (Hi-De-Ho).” It’s truly a disc deserving of its classic status.

Remember a while back I talked about, the documentary on Tom Dowd… Tom Dowd and the Language of Music... Please rent it… it is so worthwhile and gives amazing insight into Tom and the world of recording.

My favorite story about Dusty and this recording is this one… and I will leave you, my rocker friends with this little amazing tidbit!

From Wikipedia:  “During the Memphis sessions in November 1968, Dusty suggested to the heads of Atlantic Records to sign the newly formed Led Zeppelin. She knew the band’s bass player John Paul Jones, who had backed her in concerts before. Without having ever seen them and largely on Dusty’s advice, the record company signed a deal of $200,000 with them. For the time being, that was the biggest deal of its kind for a new band.”

I’ll say it again… long live rock and long live music!!!



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